Australia's mining industry is an industry in motion. Its dynamic and ever-changing nature means that there are constantly new innovations, developments, and technologies that are being implemented to improve upon current mining processes. Keeping abreast of this information is of the utmost importance as it may enable your company to gain meaningful competitive advantage through the effective optimisation of resources, cost reduction, and enhanced efficiency of operations.

Switching off, becoming complacent or failing to change with the times can be a death wish for a business in Australia's mining industry.

One of the most significant mining events in terms of providing industry insights and new technology trends is the Asia-Pacific International Mining Exhibition. This mining specific exhibition is more commonly referred to as AIMEX and is held every two years. AIMEX provides a space where suppliers of mining technology, equipment, and services can connect with buyers from across the Asia-Pacific region to build business relationships, exchange industry information and expand their networks.

AIMEX was held recently at the Sydney Showground over the course of three days, from the 29th to the 31st of July.

Here are a few of the major tech highlights from this year's exhibition:

1 - Renishaw’s new void scanner that creates accurate 3D laser scans of underground voids and Boretrak which enables users to measure the audit borehole deviation from proposed designs

2 - TOMRA Sorting Solutions new multi-channel laser sorting technology unlocking opportunities for quartz and gold processing

3 - Global Pumps’ Verderflex VF Series peristaltic hose pump for concentrated slurry and reagent metering

4 - Fluidmesh's wireless mesh network that effectively decreases latency and improves connectivity and communications with driverless vehicles.

Australia's mining industry is constantly evolving. In order to thrive in the mining sector, it is vital that you're constantly monitoring the changes that are taking place and implementing the relevant information, technology and processes to give you an edge over the competition.

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