Australia's building and construction industry is booming. The rise in building and construction projects throughout Australia, have lead to an increase in demand for a variety of trades roles.
With Australia's population expected to swell in the coming years, this will continue to drive demand for infrastructure and residential projects, and make the building and construction industry an attractive field for job seekers to enter. Building and construction is an exciting industry, as there are a wide variety of roles available to suit different interests. Trades roles common on building and construction sites, include carpenters, electricians, heavy equipment operators, plumbers, steelfixers, boilermakers, metal fabricators, and so on.
With such a bright future ahead of it, Australia's thriving building and construction industry may be particularly appealing to young people deciding on their future career path.

So, how do you begin carving out a career in this field?
The building and construction industry is unique, as the roles available are mostly trades based, which often requires both hands-on experience and formal training/education to receive industry accreditation.
The best way to get your foot in the door, especially as a recent high school graduate, is to undertake an apprenticeship or traineeship in your desired area of expertise.

Trades Apprenticeships & Traineeships
Apprenticeships and traineeships are often used interchangeably, as their purposes are quite similar. However, there are some nuances between the two.
Both apprenticeships and traineeships provide the opportunity to gain valuable, practical work experience, whilst you earn money and work towards achieving a vocational qualification. Apprenticeships and traineeships take a very hands-on approach to learning and gives you the skills to be able to 'hit the ground running'.
The main difference between an apprenticeship and a traineeship is that apprenticeships tend to be longer in duration, averaging about 4 years. While traineeships are typically shorter, taking one or two years to complete.
Another distinction that can be made between apprenticeships and traineeships, is that an apprenticeship is usually more associated with trades roles, while a traineeship can be applied to a broader range of industries and encompass a variety of on-the-job experience, rather than focusing on just one role.

Apprenticeship and traineeships are important as they ensure that the necessary skills are being passed onto the next wave of tradespeople, and they have the capacity work and succeed in a professional setting. Apprenticeships are beneficial for all parties involved, as the employer providing the training gains an extra pair of hands, and the apprentice/trainee is able earn a wage as they gain skills and experience.

Apprenticeships and traineeships can be more appealing than completing a university degree, as they apprentices/trainees don't accumulate large sums of debt and they are usually able to find work relatively quickly in their relevant field.

For steps on how to become an apprentice, click here.

Apprenticeship/Traineeship Opportunities With Workfast Labour Hire
Workfast Labour Hire has recently expanded its services and is now offering apprenticeship and traineeship opportunities for those looking to begin a career in the building and construction industry. Workfast Labour Hire understands the importance of engaging future talent and supporting them in the pursuit of a career in this rising sector. Connecting people with apprenticeship/traineeship opportunities is vital in ensuring these individuals are qualified and highly skilled, and the building and construction industry's workforce will continue to be robust enough to sustain growth.
The key advantage of joining Workfast Labour Hire to find an apprenticeship/traineeship, is that we help you through the entire process and bring the opportunities directly to you. We understand that trying to find an apprenticeship/traineeship can be overwhelming and could potentially take a long time. We assist you with all the steps involved (e.g. ensuring that you have all the right documentation), and link you to an apprenticeship/traineeship in your desired role.
Another benefit of joining the Workfast Labour Hire team to find an apprenticeship/traineeship, is that we have provided labour hire and recruitment services to a variety of building and construction companies. This means that we have well-established relationships with these companies and are able to utilise this network, to not only help you find an apprenticeship/traineeship, but also connect you with a workplace in your chosen field when the apprenticeship/traineeship is complete.

So, if you're looking to kickstart a career in Australia's booming building and construction industry, join Workfast Labour Hire today! At Workfast Labour Hire, we will support you through the entire apprenticeship/traineeship journey, so you can gain the necessary skills and experiences to succeed in the future. Call 1300 824 403 or **contact us on our website **and one of our friendly labour hire agency staff will help you out.