The Australian construction industry is currently experiencing a windfall in investment, which has significantly increased construction projects. Infrastructure and residential construction projects, in particular, have increased the most. Subsequently, this heightened demand has also boosted the number of job opportunities available for construction workers.

With a booming construction industry, and higher volumes of positions to be filled, recruiting the right workers for the available positions is of the utmost importance. Construction companies can be hesitant to outsource their recruitment and employment processes, however, the benefits of employing the services of a labour hire agency outweigh this doubt.

Here are some of the key reasons why construction companies should use labour hire agencies to source their workers:

Save Time
Recruiting a new worker can be a long and arduous process. It takes a lot of time to craft a job description, read all the applications, filter through the applicants, interview the chosen candidate pool, filter that pool down further, potentially conduct another interview, and then finally choose the worker that you believe will be the best fit. When you use a labour hire agency, this entire process is done on your behalf. All you have to do is provide the details of the position and when you'd like them to start, and the labour hire agency will supply you with a quality worker when you need them. This will help to optimise the operations of your construction business, as you won't have to waste time and resources on recruiting temporary/casual workers, and you can focus your efforts on completing the actual project.

Pre-screened & Vetted
When you use a labour hire agency, you can be assured that the worker that has been supplied has undergone a rigorous pre-screening and vetting process, prior to being placed. Since labour hire agencies are experts in recruitment, they ensure that the labourers that are supplied to their clients meet the requirements that were specified, are reliable, hard-working, and able to complete the work to a high standard. The vetting process of labour hire agencies can include, but are not limited to, interviews, background/police checks, reference checks, medical assessments, drug and alcohol screenings, and resume reviews.

Save Money
Another benefit of using a labour hire agency to find and recruit workers for you, is that it can reduce costs for your construction business. Recruiting an employee has many ongoing costs associated with it. This includes payroll tax, superannuation, sick leave, annual leave, worker's compensation, training costs, and so on. Since labour hire workers are temporary and only hired as they are needed, construction companies can save on employment costs by having only core staff on their books.
Also, all the costs associated with finding, recruiting, and training the worker are eliminated, as it is the responsibility of the labour hire agency to find the worker.

Find Specialised Skills
Labour hire agencies, live and breathe recruitment, so they are highly skilled in being able to find you a quality worker that fits the job description. Labour hire agencies have their own extensive databases filled with a vast pool of workers, with varying skills and experiences. This means that they will often already have someone available on-hand to fill the vacant position straight away.  However, if there isn't an appropriate worker registered in their database, labour hire agencies have the expertise and experience to be able to quickly find you a worker that matches the brief.

Flexibility & Timeliness
Labour hire agencies allow businesses to scale their businesses up or down depending on the fluctuations in demand. For instance, if your current staff are not equipped to handle additional unexpected workloads, labour hire allows construction companies to quickly take on board extra workers to lend a helping hand and get the job done. Also, since the work tends to be temporary in nature, there is no obligation to keep the workers on once the demand has slowed. This allows construction companies to scale their team down, back to its core members, which effectively saves money. The flexibility that comes with using labour hire helps construction companies maximise their output through the efficient use of workers.

Labour hire enables construction companies to have the necessary man hours to ensure that a project is able to be completed within the designated timeframe. This is because workers can be added as they're needed and will be able to shoulder the additional work that arises. Staying within the timeline is very important when it comes to construction projects, as this can have a very negative impact on how potential clients of the construction company may perceive them. If a construction company develops a reputation for its inability to deliver a project on time, another construction company may be considered. Labour hire allows construction companies to quickly build a team that is able to deliver a construction project within the given timeframe.

Does your construction business require additional workers to help ensure that the project is completed on time? Are you having difficulty finding workers that possess a particular set of skills? Contact us at Workfast Labour Hire and let us help you get connected with quality workers that match the job description! Call 1300 824 403 or fill out a staff request form.