For employers looking to reach top talent for their companies, LinkedIn needs to be part of their recruitment strategy.  With over 450 million users and close to two billion page views every year, LinkedIn is quickly becoming the go-to online resource for employees and employers alike to get a step ahead in the workforce world.

Accuracy Of Information on LinkedIn

When employers receive resumes, there is no guarantee that all the information listed is factual without checking countless numbers of references. Being a private document that is really only seen by the eyes of potential employers, candidates are much more likely to falsify information on a resume than they are on LinkedIn.  One’s profile on LinkedIn is much more visible to the public eye, and in turn, much more difficult to successfully list false employment information on and get away with it.


Even though an employee may list on their resume that they have certain sets of skills or excel at using a specific program, there is no way to know for sure without implementing some sort of skills test.  Thanks to the Endorsements section of the LinkedIn resume, users can list skills they have, and then become endorsed by other users. For instance, a user could list HTML5 as a skill, and as an employer, you then have the ability to see how many users agree with the fact that HTML5 is a skill of that potential candidate, as well as check out the credentials of those giving the endorsement to get a sense of legitimacy.


It is well known that referrals are one of the best performing, and easiest, recruitment methods, and LinkedIn makes finding them easier than ever.  Even for those individuals not actively seeking employment LinkedIn offers a wide array of features that keep a large percentage of their users active – group communications, mentoring, industry Q&A, and many others.  For this reason, many of an employer’s current employees already have an extensive list of possible referrals right at their fingertips.

Ease Of Use For Employers

For a recruiter, going through resumes comparing and extracting information can be a grueling process, as there is no standard template from which candidates build their resumes. Every candidate’s resume is  formatted differently. The consistency of LinkedIn profiles makes comparing candidates side by side a breeze – each and every profile contains the same information in the same exact format.  The site also offers a search feature to find candidates by industry, previous employers, educational institutions, connections with current employees, and many other variables.

Ease Of Use For Employees

Two of LinkedIn’s most popular features include its on-site job posting board and ‘Apply With LinkedIn’ button. One of the greatest benefits of posting your job on LinkedIn is it becomes visible to everyone with a LinkedIn profile – not just those actively seeking a job which may be your sole audience on other job board websites.  Even when employers do post openings elsewhere, LinkedIn has a tool that can be added to any job posting that allows users to apply with their LinkedIn profile / resume.  The ease of this process increases the number of qualified applicants, as well as provides recruiters with a consistent resume styling.