Labour hire is a simple concept where labour hire agencies provide businesses with workers, typically on a temporary basis. Essentially, the recruitment process that usually takes place in-house is outsourced to a third party. Labour hire is not a new work arrangement, however, it has grown fairly rapidly in recent times. Labour hire is becoming increasingly popular in Australia, particularly in the construction and mining industries. This is because these industries have project-based work, often experience fluctuations in demand and require the assistance of last-minute staff. So, why are businesses turning towards labour hire for their recruitment solutions?
Here are three key benefits of labour hire and why businesses are increasingly using their services.

1 - Scale Your Workforce As You Need It
One of the most significant benefits that labour hire has to offer, is that they provide businesses with flexibility. This is especially crucial for businesses that are sensitive to demand. With labour hire agencies, during peak periods, businesses can quickly expand their workforce at a moment's notice and keep up with the added workload. Conversely, during slower business periods, companies are able to scale back their workforce as there is no obligation to keep workers on.

2 - Make Recruitment Easier
Recruitment can be a long, expensive and convoluted process. When businesses utilise the services of labour hire businesses they effectively outsource all the hard work associated with hiring workers. Labour hire companies take care of all the nitty-gritty associated with the recruitment process, such as superannuation, payroll, tax, and so on. All the business has to do is pay a fee to the labour hire agency, and they will receive workers ready to help out. Labour hire makes recruitment easy and stress-free.

3 - Receive Quality Workers
Another benefit of labour hire services, is that the workers that they receive are carefully selected to meet the needs of the role. Labour hire agencies ensure that you only receive quality workers that possess the appropriate qualifications and attributes, through a rigorous vetting process. Labour hire agencies have access to large databases of potential candidates with varying skill sets, which helps to increase the chances of finding the type of employee/employees you are looking for.

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