Casual Jobs in Sydney - Getting ready for the Christmas rush can be daunting. Data from Google suggests that job seekers are already starting to search for Christmas casual positions whilst employers are starting to advertise to fill positions. This is inconsistent with data released over previous years where employers would start advertising for positions a month or two later in September and October.

Australian summers usually see an influx of tourists escaping the Northern Hemisphere's cold weather. With the influx of tourists and Christmas festivities aligned, both the retail and hospitality industries increase in size. Over this period the Australian economy benefited from an almost 180 percent increase in casual roles. About 80 percent of this increase in casuals is due to the demand in the retail industry. Most of the retailers that attract the workers are larger fast fashion companies and department stores. These include, but are not limited to, Myer, David Jones, Cotton On alongside others. Other areas of retail that attract workers are the Boxing Day sales. This is one of the biggest stock turnover days in retail in Australia.

Data from various websites also indicate that as holidaymakers make their way down under, both hospitality and tourism industries are increasingly looking for casual positions to fill in the seasonal demand.

During the months of August, September, October and November, casual job searches outweigh open roles. Some ways in which people are searching for casual jobs are by using keywords that are specific to suburbs, industries and particularly for retail, shopping centres. One of the best ways to attract workers to casual jobs in Sydney and all over Australia is to ensure that you are using the correct and most common terms that these job seekers are more likely to use. Some of these terms may include: part-time, sales assistant, customer service, retail assistant and no experience required.

Casual jobs in Sydney during these seasonal periods are geared towards people that are looking for extra cash. A lot of these job seekers will be students and travellers or people who are just looking for that second income. It can, therefore, be seen important to remember to keep the rules simple and not give too much responsibility to the worker.

Casual jobs aren't suited to everyone. More so than ever before job seekers want a bit more flexibility with their work. The Christmas and festive season in Australia allow many workers to work the hours that they want. It also allows workers to take some time off to spend with their family and friends. For some travellers, it gives them the opportunity to explore Australia. Younger workers, in particular, students can take advantage of these casual positions as they fall over the school holidays.

In 2014 a report conducted by the Australians Retailer's Association found that consumers spent $45 billion in the time leading up to Christmas.

There are many avenues for employers to advertise for casual jobs in Sydney and many avenues for job seekers to fins casual positions. New On Demand technology has made posting a job and finding workers efficiently and effectively.