When running a successful business it is important to remember that economic times can change. To be ready, you need to plan ahead. In times of economic stress and uncertainty, the idea of having permanent staff is desirable but not always feasible. Many industries are typically seasonal and fluctuate through busy and quiet times. Hiring Casual retail staff can be your answer!

As Christmas approaches, the retail industry is hitting its peak period with increase consumer spending. This period lasts till just after Christmas when the sales are complete. Hiring permanent employees over this period is not a viable option. Casual retail staff can help fill in these busy periods. When hiring casual retail staff there are a few things that you need to consider. Here are a few:

Time & Training

Casual retail staff will typically have a reduced workload compared to that of a full-time employee. When hiring the casual retail staff make sure that they have previous experience. This will mean you don’t have to spend too much time on training. Workers with previous experience will also have a better understanding of how to interact with customers meaning that you do not have to keep a content eye on the worker.

Training and support with casual workers are critical. Not just with casual staff but with your permanent staff as well. By not setting standards in training and support, the quality of service may be neglected and can end up costing your business and upsetting your customers.

Casual Retail Staff - Rights

It is important to remember to be compliant to a casual worker's rights. Although your casual staff member may not be permanent, they may still be entitled to legal rights such as worker’s compensation and superannuation and overtime. 

You might also want to consider implementing standards and procedures for casual workers that may include staffing discounts, subsidised meals and anything else that you may offer your permanent employees. This will make the casual worker fell more appreciated and may result in a better work ethic.


Some other rights that casual retail staff members have are to accept or decline work that has been offered and vice versa. As an employee, you do not have an obligation to hire a staff member. However, like with most people, you need to create a sense of loyalty. Find out what the casual staff members needs are and try to meet them. If they are being looked after elsewhere then they will move onto another workplace. Treat them with respect and have regular communication.

The busy period is coming up. Before you know it Christmas will be at your door. Make sure that when you’re recruiting your casual Christmas staff that you have planned the process to be able to recruit the best casuals. Great casual retail workers can provide you with flexibility to scale your business through busy and quiet times.