With the Christmas period looming, the pressure for businesses to keep up with the increased demand, and its subsequent workload, is heightened. Warehouse work and the industries they serve  are very sensitive to fluctuations in the market and often supplementary staff are required to support its operations.  This is particularly true for warehouse businesses that deal with consignment work and  require 'pick and pack' services.

Here are three key benefits of hiring temp workers:

1) Ease The Burden of Increased Demand

Hiring casual workers to supplement your permanent staff, is an excellent way to cope with the strain that is created by amplified demand. The flexibility that temp workers provide, allow warehouse operations to run much more smoothly due to the added help, and once the busy period is over, employers have the freedom to scale back the hours available. Casual workers enable warehouse businesses to stay dynamic and thrive during peak periods.

2) Cost-effective Recruitment Strategy for Warehouse Work

Taking on temp warehouse workers is a great way to effectively reduce and manage recruitment costs. This is due to the fact that you can hire casual workers as you need them, with no obligation to continue their employment once the peak periods have settled. Also, even though casuals typically receive a slightly higher hourly rate, employers do not have to provide them with on-going benefits and entitlements, such as sick leave and annual leave. Hiring casual workers allows warehouses to manage the employment costs associated with day-to-day business operations.

3) Diversifies Your Pool of Resources

Adding casual staff to your base of fixed employees, allows employers to tap into a more diverse range of skills and experiences that may prove to be beneficial. Casual work often attracts a variety of people that require flexibility in their work lives, such as students, single parents and so on. Each individual in this mix brings their own unique strengths, that have the potential to improve productivity and enhance the overall work culture.

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