Casual work in Australia and across the globe is increasing, along with this comes casual work benefits. With employers increasingly wanting a casual workforce due to financial reasons and workers increasingly wanting flexibility in the work for a better work-life balance, both parties are able to meet in the middle and negotiate optimal working conditions that benefit everyone.

Casual Work Benefits & Increased Pay

Casual work may not be permanent but workers who take on casual work get higher rates of pay. This increased rate is commonly referred to as ‘casual loading’ and compensates the worker for not having the same benefits of a permanent worker. Such benefits may include; annual leave, sick leave and redundancy pay. Casual loading can add up to 20 percent of loading on top of a normal wage.

Casual Work Benefits & Increased Skills

For some, in particular, people who are heading into the workforce for the first time, casual work can be seen as a bridging platform. Ultimately companies and organisations prefer to employ workers who have had experience or show a good work ethic. Casual work can provide an employee with the experience of multiple skills with references.

Casual Work Benefits & Students, Travellers & Single Parents

Casual work is not for everyone. As our population increases, so does the population of people looking for casual work. For students, travellers and single parents, casual positions are a perfect fit. These workers want and sometimes need the flexibility that a casual position provides. Some industries more so then others will be better for these workers. In addition to these workers, there are also ‘Side Gigger’s' who have a full-time position but choose to increase their salary by taking on that second role.

Casual Work Benefits & Wider Opportunities

With the increase in demand for work flexibility from workers, workplaces are pressured to supply job roles that align with workers needs. The modern day casual job is not necessarily a bad job. Casual jobs have been created in all fields from IT to office administrators and bookkeepers. With the change in employee demographic fast approaching, the ideas of how, when and where an employee works is taking center stage in employing staff.

Casual Work Benefits & Job Satisfaction

Surveys from all over the world including one from the Fair Work Commission of Australia  suggest that casual workers are indeed a happier bunch of people when commenting on their work and life balance. These findings are representative of the current workforce of Millennials. Some reports suggest otherwise but these reports are founded generally amongst baby boomers who, because of their upbringing are more inclined to look for stability in their work and life.

As we can see casual work benefits can be varied and directional to both employee and employer. It may not be made out for all employees but with today’s Millennials increasingly wanting flexibility in the career, casual work is fast becoming a top priority and in so cases, the first priority.