Experience. It seems like almost every job listing requires some level of work experience to get a foot through the door. So, what happens if you're new to the workforce and haven't had the opportunity to gain experience, but you're ready to work? The Christmas period is the perfect time to land a job, particularly in the retail industry. During this season, the retail sector experiences heightened demand due to all the shoppers gearing up for Christmas day. To manage this rush, most retailers start hiring for Christmas casual positions.

Typically, Christmas casual positions do not require any prior experience as the necessary skills will be taught whilst on the job. This means that the screening process for Christmas casual retail jobs is less rigorous and more open to a broader range of candidates, that may have been alienated if requirements were stricter.

However, even if directly applicable work experience is not necessary, it is still important that you are able to display skills and attributes that will help you stand out from the crowd and show that you will be an asset to the business. These skills and attributes include:

  • a willingness to learn
    - a willingness to work hard
    - a can-do attitude
    - good interpersonal skills
    - good communication skills
    - ability to work well in a team

Once you secure a role as a casual retail worker during the Christmas period, you will start developing specific skills that will be beneficial for when you decide to move on to another position. In retail, these skills usually include money handling, customer service, salesmanship, leadership, time management and so on. These are highly desirable skills that can be translated into a range of other industries and fields.

So, if you have little to no experience but you're ready to start working and build that experience, a Christmas casual position in the retail industry is a great place to start.

Christmas casual positions are usually posted from October to early December.

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