Getting ready for Christmas can be a daunting task but is necessary for small and larger businesses that are heading into the Christmas season. Christmas casual staff can be difficult to find especially through the months leading up to Christmas.

There are a lot of businesses that rely on a busy Christmas to get them through the year. Many businesses have expressed that as much as 30% of the year's income may flow in over the Christmas period. For some companies, this means that correct strategic planning is needed to run a successful business through the year. Some areas of which companies can plan for are building sales strategies with staff, merchandising stock and managing staff. By planning these strategies in advance, companies are able to maximise profitability.

Although planning seems like the right thing to do before Christmas, the unpredictable nature of the Christmas season can mean that businesses will need to have the ability to scale their workforce alongside market demands.

So how do businesses manage this uncertainty?

This is where Christmas casual staff can come in handy. To maximise returns over the Christmas period, finding good quality casual staff is vital to making your business work. Finding that right casual staff can be very time-consuming. The search for Christmas casual staff can start very early and from experience, the earlier you start searching, the better the quality of workers that you’ll be able to choose from.

There are many places where you can find casual staff. Here are some places where you can get on top of your staffing needs:

  • Word of mouth through friends and friends of friends, casual staff are always on hand and sometimes it’s just a matter of asking.

  • Some existing customers may be able to recommend some casual staff.

  • Casual staff can be hired through temp or recruitment agencies.

  • Create an event where you can expect to find casual staff like university campuses.