Roads are often overlooked or taken for granted, however they are vital for the functioning of society and the creation of a healthy economy.
Road networks allow businesses to operate and trade, open up communities to greater opportunities, enable workers to get to their place of work, and allow people to access health and social services, education, etc.
An extensive, well-planned and maintained road system is vital for society to progress and the economy to prosper.

In the bustling states of New South Wales and Queensland, major civil road construction projects are currently underway. The main purpose of these civil road construction projects is to improve safety, increase capacity, and expand the reach of their road networks. Once civil construction of these road projects are completed, congestion and bottlenecking are expected to be reduced significantly, and connectivity and safety improved.

With the population of New South Wales and Queensland expected to grow at a faster rate than most other states and territories, steps need to be taken now to ensure that the road infrastructure will be able to accommodate the influx of new residents. These civil road construction projects are vital for the future-proofing the state of NSW and Queensland. Continual upgrades, extensions and maintenance will need to be carried out in order to ensure that the road systems are able to keep with the growing demand.

NSW Projects

A prominent road infrastructure project that is under construction at the moment, is WestConnex. The $16 billion WestConnex project is the largest infrastructure project in NSW since the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It is a 33 kilometre motorway that spans from Parramatta to Sydney, and once complete, WestConnex will connect the M4 in Sydney's Western Suburbs and the M5 in Sydney's South-West.

The expected benefits of WestConnex is that it will reduce the bottleneck that exists at the end of the M4,  remove approximately 3,000 trucks from Parramatta Road, as well as local roads, and enable faster commute times. The Westconnex project will widen the existing M4, allowing Western Sydney residents to have better access to the CBD.

Also, WestConnex motorway is projected to create roughly 4,000 direct and indirect full-time jobs. The surge in civil construction labour hire jobs will aid in boosting the economy and provide locals, especially Western Sydney-siders, with job opportunities. According to the WestConnex website, approximately 10,000 jobs will be generated during construction. 4,000 of the jobs will be working on the new M4 and 6,000 on the new M5.
With the majority of the WestConnex construction work yet to be completed, there may be even more civil construction jobs available in the foreseeable future. Some of the most common civil construction labour hire positions include, traffic controllers, general labourers, trades assistants, plant operators, steelfixers, boilermakers, excavator operators, and so on.

WestConnex is expected to be completed in 2023.

Another civil road construction project in progress now, is NorthConnex. The $3 billion NorthConnex project is a 9km twin tunnel connecting the M1, at Wahroonga, to the M2 at West Pennant Hills. The NorthConnex will enable people to travel from Newcastle to Melbourne, without encountering a single traffic light. Also, with the NorthConnex project expected to take roughly 5,000 trucks off of Pennant Hills Road, motorists can expect more efficient travel times. This will return local roads to local communities and divert heavy vehicles, like those tasked with freight transportation, away from more residential areas.

The construction of the NorthConnex project will be especially beneficial for the Central Coast and its residents. NorthConnex will make it easier for Sydney-siders to access the Central Coast, and boost the local economy. The improved connectivity and access that the NorthConnex will provide, also makes it more viable for people in the Central Coast to pursue job opportunities in Sydney.

Much like the WestConnex, another key benefit of the NorthConnex project is that it has boosted job prospects for labour hire workers specialising in civil construction. It is estimated that the NorthConnex Project will generate a total of 8,700 jobs, with the bulk of jobs related to the actual construction. Currently, there are approximately 1500 labour hire workers across the NorthConnex project sites on any given day. Some of the labour hire jobs available include, shotcreters, leading hands, site supervisors, concrete finishers, mechanical fitters, boilermakers, and so on.

Tunnelling and construction of NorthConnex is set to finish by the end of 2019.

QLD Projects

Bruce Highway
The $8.5 billion Bruce Highway Upgrade Program is one of the largest road infrastructure undertakings in Queensland. The main aims of this civil construction project is to improve the safety, flood resilience and road capacity of the Bruce Highway. This has been spurred by Bruce Highway's notoriety for accounting for roughly a fifth of Australia's road death toll.
The upgrades will help facilitate the more efficient and safe movement of motorists, and delivery of freight.

This upgrade program is comprised of hundreds of construction sites dotted along the Bruce Highway, from Brisbane to Cairns. The civil road construction projects associated with the Bruce Highway Upgrade Program have been staggered over the course of ten years, with its commencement in 2013 and its expected completion in 2023. As of July 2017, 240 projects had already been completed, 108 projects were in their initial stages/in progress, and 31 projects were still in the planning phase.

With the Bruce Highway Upgrade Program only halfway through its expected timeline, it will generate thousands more employment opportunities for Queenslanders. This will also help to boost Queensland's regional and local economies. Some labour hire jobs needed on the Bruce Highway construction sites include, tipper drivers, construction labourers, truck drivers, plant operators, asphalt operators, etc.

Warrego Highway
The Warrego Highway is a 796km stretch of road that connects Charleville to the Ipswich Motorway, and into Brisbane. The Warrego Highway Upgrade Program will consist of 15 major civil road construction projects between Toowoomba and Miles. The purpose of the Warrego Highway Upgrade Program is to improve the safety, efficiency and reliability of this important piece of road infrastructure in Queensland.

The civil construction projects associated with the Warrego Highway Upgrade Program mainly revolve around improving the condition of the road, widening certain sections of the highway, creating overtaking lanes, installing traffic lights and street lighting, etc. Of the 15 projects that comprise the Warrego Highway Upgrade Program, 5 have been completed, 4 are in progress, and 6 are in the planning stage.

Since 4 projects are currently in progress and 6 projects will commence in the near future, there will be a steady stream of employment opportunities for Queenslanders. This may help to reduce Queensland's unemployment rate of 6.1%, which is currently the highest in Australia. The labour hire jobs that are in demand for this civil road construction project include electricians, excavator operators, truck and dog operators, traffic controllers, pipe layers, and so on.

Civil Road Construction Jobs

The surge in civil road construction projects has boosted job opportunities for civil construction labour hire workers, in New South Wales and Queensland. With population growth increasing pressure on NSW and QLD's infrastructure systems, these state governments are expected to continue to invest into maintaining, upgrading and extending the road networks. This means that there will be a healthy amount of jobs for civil construction labour hire workers.

The jobs required  on these civil construction projects are varied, which creates employment opportunities for a broad range of people. In order to find workers that fit the brief, the services of labour hire agencies are often employed. Labour hire agencies possess an extensive database of labour hire workers on-hand, so they are usually able to quickly place a suitable worker. Also, since labour hire agencies are experts in recruitment, they're well-equipped to find an appropriate worker for the vacant position.

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