Ground has officially broken at the site of the Western Sydney Airport in Badgerys Creek. The gears are finally in motion for this major civil construction project that is expected to deliver huge economic benefits for the Western Sydney region. The Western Sydney Airport will be a major source of local job growth, not only during construction, but also once operations commence. This infrastructure project is also expected to stimulate economic activity in surrounding communities.
The construction of Sydney's second airport will help to transform Western Sydney and allow it to become a world-class metropolis.

Job Growth

The most pronounced benefit that the Western Sydney Airport will bring is jobs. During the construction stage alone, the Western Sydney Airport is expected to inject 11,o0o local jobs, and an additional 27,000 once it becomes complete and fully operational in 2026.

The construction of the Western Sydney Airport will be a major undertaking and require a variety of skills and expertise, in order to achieve the expected deadline.

Some of the construction positions that will be in hot demand, include:
-  Civil Labourers
- Trade Assistants
- Plant & Machine Operators
- Electricians
- Welders
- Carpenters
- Concreters
- Surveyors

With plans of expansions , upgrades and maintenance lined up for the Western Sydney Airport in the future, it will continue to provide local construction jobs. So, even though the initial construction of the Western Sydney Airport is expected to wrap up in 2026, there will be more opportunities for construction jobs later down the line.

In addition to the thousands of direct jobs that will be created, the Western Sydney Airport also has the potential to create thousands of indirect jobs. Further highlighting the economic benefits that this infrastructure project.
Once the airport is complete, new jobs in a variety of industries will crop up in Greater Sydney, such as:
- Aviation
- Retail and Hospitality
- Transport & Warehousing
- Manufacturing
- Accommodation

This is because once the airport is built, it will attract a variety of businesses to the area to capitalise on the increased traffic.

Creating local jobs unlocks a number of benefits for workers and the communities that they are a part of. Increased job opportunities help to drive down the unemployment rate, improve financial independence, boost productivity, increase tax revenue, and so on. Greater job opportunities in Western Sydney will help to solidify its position as the engine of growth for the state and the country.

Building Western Sydney's Economy

The Greater Western Sydney area is currently Australia's third largest economy, With the construction of the Western Sydney Airport currently underway, it is set to be an even more important contributor to the Australian economy. The creation of Sydney's second international airport in Badgerys Creek will open up Western Sydney to an international market and encourage greater economic activity in the area.

The Western Sydney Airport will mark the beginning of the Western Sydney 'Aerotropolis'. This key civil infrastructure project will unlock new jobs, homes, businesses, and infrastructure, which will make Western Sydney a bustling economic hub.

The vision for Aerotropolis is to create a 24 hour city that encourages greater traffic to the area and draws business opportunities. The Western Sydney Aerotropolis will sit at the heart of the emerging Western Parkland City. The Western Parkland City is part of the Metropolis of Three Cities Plan. This long-term strategy is designed to boost infrastructure and collaboration, liveability, productivity and sustainability across Greater Sydney. The goal is to get most Sydney-siders within 30 minutes of their jobs, places of education, and health and essential services. This will help to spread the benefits of growth more evenly throughout the Sydney.

Currently, job opportunities, especially knowledge-intensive jobs, are concentrated in Sydney's CBD. This has caused mass exodus to the city and inflamed travel times and congestion, which hampers growth due to lost productivity. With most areas in Sydney set to experience exponential population growth, this will only worsen unless something is done.
The construction of the Western Sydney Airport, and the Aerotropolis that will be built around it, will be the key to unlocking the potential of Western Sydney and encouraging more diverse growth.

The construction of the Western Sydney Airport will be a major catalyst for surrounding communities. From construction through to completion and operations, the Western Sydney Airport will boost employment and business opportunities. Since Western Sydney contains 47% of Sydney's total population. It is important that opportunities exist where the population is, so that growth is sustainable.

The Western Sydney Airport will bring with it a flurry of economic benefits and help to create opportunities for locals now and well into the future.

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