The construction industry has a major impact on the natural environment, due to its large-scale consumption of resources, such as raw materials, energy, and water. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the activities involved throughout construction results in the release of a significant amount of greenhouse gas emissions, which have detrimental effects on the environment. Over the past few years, it has increasingly become important to incorporate more sustainable practices to combat this and reduce the business' carbon footprint.

Here are some reasons why adopting greener business practices can be beneficial for your construction company.

Open Your Business Up To More Projects

Green building projects are growing exponentially, due to the increasing concern for the preservation of the natural environment. Adopting more sustainable business practices will help your business align with this growing trend and enable you to capture these type of projects. Going green can also help to ensure the longevity of your business, as the shift towards sustainability is predicted to continue to grow.

**Build A Positive Reputation **

Businesses that have adopted greener practices are more positively perceived, as they are seen as displaying corporate social responsibility and not purely driven by the bottom line. This positive reputation may make your business more appealing and attract greater opportunities, due to the trust that is fostered.

Stand Out

Going green is a great way to create a point of difference for your construction company and get the edge over your competitors. Incorporating sustainable business practices into your company adds an extra dimension that isn't exhibited by all other construction companies in the industry. Being a green business can be a deciding factor in clinching you the job.

In Australia, the Green Star rating (awarded by the Green Building Council Australia (GBCA)), is a voluntary and internationally recognised rating system that communicates the quality of the design, construction and operation of sustainable buildings and communities. It aims to encourage increased environmental consciousness in the construction industry and promote healthy competition in the market that is beneficial for all.

Grocon is an example of a construction company that has successfully integrated sustainable practices into its business operations. Grocon has consistently recognised the importance of sustainability in construction and its projects are a reflection of this. For example, Grocon's Pixel building in Melbourne is currently the only Australian building that has achieved a perfect Green Star rating. This is due to the fact that the Pixel is a carbon neutral building, meaning all the carbon used in its construction would eventually be offset and it would even produce surplus energy for the grid. The building also collects rainwater and makes use of all of it, via its reed bed system and green roof.
For more information about the Pixel, click here.


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