The construction industry has a had a long and proud history in Australia. It has consistently been a major industry that has made significant contributions to the local economy. Although the construction industry has and is currently experiencing overall success and growth, it is also important to extend our scope and identify the future trajectory for this important and valuable industry. This will provide businesses with the insight required to develop long-term plans, build sustainable competitive advantage and help ensure the longevity of their business.

Here are a few predictions for the future of the construction industry in Australia.

Demand for Residential Developments
With the issue of affordable housing growing steadily, demand for residential developments, particularly medium to high-density housing has grown alongside it. Construction projects are predicted to increase, with a sizeable chunk of construction projects reflecting the demand for more housing options. This is already visible in areas such as the Sydney CBD and Parramatta CBD, with various apartment blocks being erected.

Increasing Use of Labour Hire Agencies
As the demand for construction projects increases, so will the demand for workers to complete these jobs. This may lead to construction businesses increasingly outsourcing the recruitment process to labour hire agencies, as finding employees may start to become an overwhelming task. Outsourcing the recruitment process will also allow them to better focus their time and resources on the project at hand. Labour hire agencies simplify hiring by taking care of all the nitty-gritty associated with pooling candidates, selecting the best one and then taking them on board. For example, fees for posting job descriptions, interviewing, figuring out payroll, tax, superannuation, etc.

Going Green
Another key prediction for the future of the construction industry in Australia, is the increasingly wide-spread adoption of 'green' practices. Shifting cultural mindsets has led to increased societal pressure on businesses to act in a more environmentally-friendly way. Historically, the construction industry has been a major contributor to pollution, waste, and landfill in Australia. In order to align with society's growing concern for the environment, companies operating in the construction industry will need to adopt more sustainable practices. This will not only benefit the environment but also the construction company themselves, as 'green' efforts can help create a competitive advantage over non-green construction entities.

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