Brisbane is rapidly emerging as a prominent economic hub due to its global connectedness. Brisbane has become an attractive place to do business with significant investments coming in from areas like the South Pacific. Brisbane's international reputation received a significant boost when the city successfully hosted the 2014 G20 World Leaders Summit. This helped to bring Brisbane onto the world stage, effectively showcased what the city had to offer, and made it a real global contender for foreign investment.

In order to facilitate Brisbane's continued growth as a global economic leader, the Queensland government developed the Brisbane 2022 New World City Action Plan. This plan outlines the strategy that will be employed to ensure Brisbane's economic growth over the next few years, as well as the long-term. Brisbane is steadily working towards the status of a metropolitan city that boasts bountiful opportunities and a high quality of life.

Part of the plan to make Brisbane Australia's New World City, involves the reinvigoration of its built environment. Major construction projects have been lined up, or are currently underway throughout the city, to modernise Brisbane, enhance its international appeal and accommodate the planned growth.
Some of the major projects include:
- The expansion of Queen's Wharf
- The New Parallel Runway Project at Brisbane Airport
- The Addition of facilities at Brisbane Quarter
- Increasing the residential, retail and commercial spaces at Northshore Hamilton

The major developments that have been proposed, or are currently in the works, will also generate a significant amount of jobs for the city. The construction of these various projects and initiatives will generate thousands of employment opportunities for labourers and tradesmen. Also, once construction is complete, thousands of ongoing employment opportunities will be created, in various industries such as hospitality, retail, finance, and so on. This will further contribute to a strong and thriving economy in Brisbane and create the favourable perception of stability, which is a vital factor in enticing international investment.

Brisbane is well on its way to becoming an international hub and holds the potential to be a fruitful environment for business and employment opportunities.

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