There's no denying that the construction and building industry has helped to re-shape and launch Sydney as a more modern, community-oriented and sustainable city. Change has been widespread and efficiently revitalised the stagnant cityscape.

With all the developments that have taken place around Sydney, one project that has made a significant splash is Central Park. Not to be confused with New York's Central Park, New South Wales' Central Park can stand on its own. The majority of the Central Park complex was developed through a collaboration between Frasers Property and Sekisui House. Both these global development companies place great emphasis on creating sustainable and unique structures that keep the human experience at the heart of the project. Central Park was built with the vision of creating an urban village, with a vibrant mix of residential, retail and leisure spaces, and the hopes of achieving a minimum five green star rating from the Green Building Council of Australia. Environmental consciousness has been woven throughout the development of Central Park and is evident in the prevalence of green spaces, the recycling of 93% of all demolition waste, the use of recycled water throughout the structures, and so on. Click here for more details and information about Central Park's green practices.

The urban village of Central Park highlights the growing importance of incorporating more green practices in the construction and building industry. There are greater community and stakeholder pressures to be environmentally conscious, as it has become more crucial to protect the natural space. The sustainability movement is only going to continue to grow stronger in the construction and building industry, and if incorporated properly into your construction business, it can provide your company with a highly sought out point of difference.

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