Green. It's the way of the future. The movement towards incorporating more sustainable practices is present across almost all industries. Australia's construction industry is no exception. In Australia's construction industry, sustainable practices are increasingly being embedded into operations and the prevalence of 'green' building projects has grown significantly.
Going 'green' in the construction industry can entail a range of things, such as being resource-efficient, reducing emissions and waste throughout construction and on-going operation, using renewable sources of energy, taking on 'green' building projects, and so on.


So, why are more and more construction companies hopping onboard of this 'green' movement? There are two key advantages to engaging with more sustainable practices.
Firstly, being a 'green' business can set your construction company apart from other businesses and establish meaningful competitive advantage. With many construction companies bidding for the same tender/construction project, being 'green' can help your business stand out and gain an edge over the others. This may be due to the more positive perceptions that are fostered when your construction company has the reputation of being a 'green' business.

Another benefit of being a more sustainable construction company is that it opens you up for more tender/project opportunities and helps improve the longevity of the business. This is because the 'green' movement is predicted to become increasingly prominent and increasingly incorporated into standard practice. It is becoming more and more clear that going 'green' is not just a fad that will fade, so adopting more sustainable practices now will help align your business with future projections, and allow you to be eligible for a wider range of developments.

These benefits highlight that going 'green' isn't merely an altruistic initiative, that benefits the environment and society. Incorporating sustainability practices into your business can also provide significant long-term economic benefits for your construction company and help improve your bottom-line.

Example: Multiplex - One Shelley Street, Sydney

An example of a construction company that has successfully incorporated more sustainable practices is Multiplex. Multiplex is one of the largest construction companies in Australia and has forged itself as a front-runner in the market. They are dedicated to 'leaving a lasting social and environmental legacy in the areas' they operate and are one of the industry leaders when it comes to the successful execution of 'green' practices. One of their most acclaimed 'green' construction projects is at One Shelley Street in Sydney. This building boasts significant sustainability features, such as grey and blackwater recycling, water-efficient fixtures, glazing and fritted glass facade for effective management of heat and natural lighting, a passive chilled beam system with heat rejection, and so on. It has successfully achieved a 6 Star rating from the Green Building Council Australia, which is the highest rating possible. Multiplex has also been recognised by the Szencorp Green Building Award and the BPN Sustainability Awards, for the environmental consciousness that went into the development of the building. This highlights and reinforces Multiplex's commitment to sustainable practices and its integration into large-scale pojects.

Going 'green' is not just a fad. It is a movement that will only rise in prominence as resources start to dwindle and society looks to more sustainable practices to help preserve the environment. 'Green' will be the new norm and environmentally-conscious practices will be standard across the construction industry.

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