Having the right workers is imperative for the successful and timely completion of construction projects. Since, construction projects are required to conform to such strict time and budget constraints, labour hire has become an increasingly popular recruitment solution in this industry. The growing trend of outsourcing recruitment to labour hire, has also been spurred by the recent boom in residential and infrastructure construction, and the influx of vacant positions that has occurred as a result of this swell in projects. Labour hire allows construction companies to supplement their workforce, in order to deliver the project at hand.

1) Save Time & Money On Recruitment One of the most prominent reasons why construction businesses opt to use labour hire agencies, is that it allows them to save valuable time and money on hiring skilled workers. Recruitment can be a very long and costly process from initially advertising the position, through to the official on-boarding of the selected applicant. This can divert valuable resources away from more core functions of the business, and potentially delay the completion of the construction project, while you search for a suitable worker for the job. Labour hire eliminates this as recruitment is completely outsourced and the labour hire agency incurs all the costs associated with finding and keeping a worker on the books. This is because the worker is legally the employee of the labour hire agency and not the construction company. Construction companies simply hire workers from the labour hire agency, when the need arises, expediting the process associated with locating skilled workers.

2) Easily Find Workers With Specialised Skills Construction businesses usually don't already have all the workers they require for a project, so skill gaps tend to arise. This is a major issue on construction sites, as it can greatly hinder progress or even be a potential hazard. Finding workers that possess specialised skills for a particular role can be arduous, so construction companies employ the services of labour hire agencies to help connect them with the right worker. Labour hire agencies are able to do this, as they usually have an extensive database of workers that possess a variety of skills and qualifications, so finding a worker that matches the brief is often quick and easy. If they don't have an appropriate worker immediately on-hand, their expertise in recruitment allows them to locate, vet and place a suitable worker that has the skills the project is lacking.

3) Flexible Workforce Labour Hire gives construction companies the flexibility to scale their workforce up or down, based on demand. When business is booming and construction companies require additional workers, labour hire allows them to find workers on short notice. Also, since labour hire workers tend to be employed on a temporary/contractual basis, once the work starts to slow down, construction companies are able to adjust the number of workers they have accordingly. This means that construction companies will have access to extra workers when they need it, and when work  starts to wane they won't incur unnecessary costs associated with keeping on superfluous staff. Access to a flexible workforce via labour hire agencies is important in the construction industry, as it is subject to fluctuations in project approvals.

4) Fully Vetted Workers Another prominent benefit of using a labour hire agency, is that the workers you receive are fully vetted. Since, labour hire agencies specialise in recruitment, they ensure that the workers that they place are fully qualified and possess the right skills to get the job done. Labour hire agencies go through rigorous processes to check references and verify certifications, so construction companies can feel confident in the worker that has been supplied.

Employing the services of a labour hire agency to take care of the recruitment process is fast becoming a go-to solution for many construction companies. This trend has been spurred by the rise in construction jobs that have become available, and the benefits that arise from the use of labour hire, such as cost reduction, time effectiveness and access to highly-skilled workers.

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