Forget Sydney and Melbourne, Perth is on the up and up. Plans are underway to transform and dramatically revamp Perth's skyline. The purpose of this revamp is to elevate Perth's 'international profile' and make it a new hub for commerce and tourism.
Over the next few years, Perth will be sprinkled with construction sites to refresh the infrastructure and provide new and exciting spaces for retail, residence, commerce, tourism, and so on.

To date, approximately sixty developments have been approved for the city. A significant portion of these will be residential projects, such as apartments and hotels. This focus on accommodation has been spurred by the projected exponential increase of Perth's population and the need to manage this surge. Perth's population is expected to balloon from 2.06 million to approximately 3.5 million.

Some of the key proposed developments include:
-  A $100 million 62-storey apartment and hotel tower, that will become the tallest building in Perth
-  the $400 million Ritz Carlton and The Towers at Elizabeth Quay
-  The Perth City Link (project to reconnect Perth's CBD with Northbridge and add office spaces, restaurants, shops, etc.)

These major infrastructural developments will not only reinvigorate the city and bring in additional investments and revenue, but also generate a construction boom in Perth. These projects will increase business opportunities available for construction companies, as well as create additional jobs in the local economy. This massive undertaking has the potential to employ thousands of workers during the initial construction process, with the prospect of even more employment opportunities for on-going operations. This will effectively stimulate the local economy and help decrease Perth's unemployment rate.

These new developments will breathe new life into Perth, make it a more attractive destination for tourism and business, and shake up this once relatively sleepy city. Now might be the time to seriously consider Perth for your next investment.

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