Rio Tinto has stated that the development, maintenance and operations of its mines in the Pilbara regionwill generate approximately 1000 local jobs in Western Australia. The construction of its Silvergrass mine will contribute roughly 500 jobs, the creation of a new deposit at the West Angeles mine will add 120 jobs, and the construction projects required to maintain the Yandicoogina mine will account for approximately 470 positions.

This has been welcome news for the people of Western Australia, as the construction and mining industries have recently experienced a downturn, with over three thousand jobs already shed in the Pilbara region alone. Western Australia’s new Premier Mark McGowan has even referred to the financial situation of the state as “the worst since the Great Depression”.

This significant boost in available positions will help to reinvigorate the state's economy and help drive down the unemployment rate, which rose to a staggering 6.5 percent, making it the highest in the nation.

The development of Rio Tinto's new Silvergrass Mine will also further stimulate Western Australia's stagnant economy, with over $180 million invested into local Western Australian companies. These companies have been employed to carry out the the development of the mine and include, Decmil ($40 million), RCR Resources ($120 million), and Eastern Guruma ($3 million). Eastern Guruma is particularly important, as it is a local indigenous contractor, and further highlights Rio Tinto's efforts to support the local community.

The mining and construction industries have a very significant impact on Western Australia's economic health. This is because they are one of the primary sources of employment and revenue for the area. The continued investment of Rio Tinto into Western Australia's Pilbara region, will help to stimulate the economy, and more importantly, provide job opportunities that will assist the local people with getting back on their feet.

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