In construction, safety is of the utmost importance as job sites are often rife with hazards that could pose a threat to your health and wellbeing. Sometimes safety can be compromised when shortcuts are taken to meet deadlines or cope with the pressure of added workloads. However, everyone must stay diligent and ensure that their behaviour helps to promote and maintain an Australian Safe Work Standard environment for themselves and others. Safety is everyone's responsibility.
Here are our top 5 ways to stay safe on a job site.

1 - Wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
In order to minimise the risk of injury while on a construction site, it is vital that you wear personal protective equipment, more commonly referred to as PPE. Personal protective equipment is any item or article of clothing with the purpose of reducing the risk to a worker's health and to maintain their safety. PPE usually includes items such as high visibility vests, steel-capped boots, hard hats, and gloves. Ensuring that you have the PPE that is appropriate for the job site you are on, can aid significantly in preventing injuries.

2 - Listen Carefully & Follow Instructions
A key way to stay safe on a construction site is to listen to instructions and follow them carefully. The instructions that you are given whilst on a job site is purposeful. They often outline how to perform a task in a safe manner, as well as how you should conduct yourself in order to minimise risks to yourself and others.

3 - Communicate With Others
You should ensure that you are reporting to your supervisor/manager, as well as your workmates, about what you are doing and what you plan to do. Through proper communication, everyone will be on the same page and there won't be any surprises on the construction site.

4 - Be Aware Of Your Surroundings
Before you begin your task, you should quickly survey the environment and identify any potential hazards you might encounter. For example, uneven or wet surfaces, holes in the ground, machinery, and so on. By gauging your surroundings and any potential for danger, you will be more equipped to take steps to avoid any problems or work around them. Being aware of your surroundings also includes being aware of other people that may be on the construction site.When you are aware of the locations of other workers on the site, you will be able to avoid collisions and injuries.

5 - Make Sure You Have The Correct Training
Prior to setting foot on the construction site, you must ensure that you have undergone all appropriate training and possess all the necessary qualifications. This is very much dependent on the job you are performing on the site, however, in Australia, all workers on a construction site must possess a valid White Card.  It is also important to make sure that your training is up to date and complies with current industry standards. If not, you must re-train to learn the amended information.

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