Brookfield Multiplex, established in 1962, is a construction company founded by John Roberts in Perth, Western Australia. Multiplex started from humble beginnings, steadily spreading into the eastern states from 1978. This made the company's presence known throughout the domestic market in Australia. Now, 55 years later, Multiplex has become a major player in the construction industry in Australia, as well as across the globe. Multiplex has left a significant mark on skylines around the world, in countries throughout the Middle East, Europe, Asia, as well as in India and Canada. Multiplex has definitely lived up to its tagline and is 'built to outperform'.

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Major Projects

You probably won' be aware of it, but Brookfield Multiplex has constructed a number of iconic buildings and complexes around Australia, as well as the world.
In Australia, a few of the most prominent projects that Multiplex has been involved in, includes:
- Luna Park (NSW)
- King Street Wharf (NSW)
- Southbank Tower (VIC)
- Suncorp Stadium (QLD)
This shows just how impactful Multiplex has been in reshaping and molding the urban landscapes of Australia, in particular, the skylines of Australia's major cities.

Internationally, Brookfield Multiplex has had a hand in the construction of:
- Wembley Stadium (United Kingdom)
- Qatar National Library (Qatar)
- The Opus (UAE)
- Trump International Hotel and Tower (Canada)
Brookfield Multiplex has contributed significantly to the built environment of various locations overseas.

For more information about Brookfield Multiplex as a company, as well as its domestic and international projects, click here.

Future Of Brookfield Multiplex

Brookfield Multiplex is going from strength to strength, with new projects constantly underway. Moving forward, Brookfield Multiplex is looking to commit itself to incorporating more sustainable practices into their business operations, as well as their projects. One major step Multiplex has taken to accomplish this was to become a Gold Leaf Member of the UK Green Building Council, in 2016. Multiplex's Gold Leaf Membership highlights a commitment to contributing to a more sustainable built environment, which will help maintain the wellbeing of the natural surrounds and communities within which they operate.