As the population grows, so too does the demand for public transportation and infrastructure to accommodate the masses. This is especially necessary for Sydney, as its population is expected to soar from 4,286,217 to a whopping 6,421,850 within 20 years. In order to help plan for this future growth and combat traffic and congestion, Sydney is currently undergoing an extensive overhaul and extension of its rail and light rail systems. I'm sure you're all very aware of the countless construction sites that are dotting the city and surrounding areas. This massive investment into infrastructure (currently sitting at $20 billion and expected to reach $73.3 billion in the next few years) will help to resolve some of the potential issues associated with a rapidly increasing population, namely, the ease of getting around.

Some of the projects underway include:
- The North-West metro line
- a new train line from Chatswood through the CBD and to Bankstown
- Light rail through Kingsford to Maroubra
- Parramatta light rail line

In addition to the positive impact that this will have on the future of transport in NSW, these large-scale construction projects have also created a boom in employment. Tens of thousands of people have been employed to work on these infrastructure projects, with more required in the near future as projects are eventually rolled out. Between the increased demand for infrastructure and residential developments, the construction industry is proving to be fertile, not only now, but also in the near future.  So, it's definitely a good time to be a labourer, construction worker, or other professional in this field.

Almost ironically, the construction sites of the infrastructure projects are slowing down traffic at the present moment. However, once they are complete, it will spell the beginning of a more streamlined Sydney that will be easier to navigate.

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