As a worker in the construction industry, you will be required to possess certain tickets and/or licences depending on the site you will be working on, and/or the job you are required to do. Tickets and licences are necessary, as they provide employers with evidence that you have undergone the proper training, and possess the relevant experience to successfully carry out the job in a safe manner. Construction sites can be rife with dangers and hazards, so appropriate training is key to keep you and your fellow workers safe. Also, possessing a range of tickets and licences is beneficial, as it can help open up a broader range of employment opportunities. So, what tickets and licences do you need? When do you need them?
Here are a few of the most common tickets and licences that are required for construction jobs.

White Card
To be able to set foot on a construction site, you will need a White Card. White Cards are mandatory for all labourers and will need to be presented whenever you work on a construction site anywhere across Australia. A White Card shows that you have completed the OH&S General Construction Induction training course. The training covers information about basic construction work, applicable work health and safety (WHS) laws, and common workplace hazards and how they can be managed.
White Cards become void if you haven't done any construction work for two years consecutively.
For more information on White Cards, click here.

High-Risk Work Licences
As the name suggests, high-risk work licences are a group of licences that allow labourers to perform high-risk roles. This includes crane licences, forklift licences, scaffolding licences, dogging licences, and so on. High risk work licences are nationally recognised and valid for 5 years.

Confined Space Entry Ticket
This ticket is required for those working in enclosed or partially enclosed confined spaces. Confined space entry tickets provides evidence that you understand the associated risks, how to minimise them and the relevant legislation for this type of work. It is recommended that you refresh your training every two years.
For information about confined space entry training/tickets, click here.

Working At Heights Ticket
The working at heights ticket is required for general labourers who will be up high at any point throughout the duration of their employment. The training required to acquire this ticket will give you the skills and knowledge you need to be able to identify potential falling risks and prevent them from occurring or resulting in injury to yourself or others. This ticket is nationally recognised and does not have an expiry date. However, a refresher course may be required, depending on the employer and/or industry standards.

There is a range of other tickets and licences out there that have not been covered in this blog post. Ask your employer about the specific tickets and/or licences you may need to successfully carry out a role.

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