The role of a crane operator is to lift and shift heavy objects around construction sites, mines, docks, and other work sites. A crane operator is responsible for ensuring that the area is safe for a crane to be used, the machinery is up to standard and the loads are an appropriate weight for the crane. Also, crane operators may have to work in tandem with 'doggers' to ensure that the loads are placed in the correct position.

Being a qualified crane operator can provide a significant advantage when looking for a labouring job, as it is often a sought after skill amongst employers and will help you to stand out from other potential candidates.

In order to become a fully qualified crane operator, you must:

  •  be at least 18 years of age
    -  possess a valid 'white card' issued by SafeWork (click here for a previous blog post about what 'white cards' are and how to get one)
    -  obtain a High Risk Work Licence for the specific type of crane you wish to operate.

The High Risk Work Licence is issued by the SafeWork department for your state or territory and requires you to undergo a training course for the class of crane you want to operate. This can be completed via a registered training organisation or through a TAFE course. The training course often involves teaching you the theoretical knowledge and practical skills you will need to safely and successfully operate a specific class of crane. You will then be assessed on what you have learnt and if you pass you will receive an interim licence which will be valid for 60 days. This interim licence will need to be taken to your local Australia post within that 60 day period (along with a passport sized photo, as well as the fee amount) to apply for the official licence.

This licence will need to be renewed every 5 years.

To undergo crane operator training course, here are some websites to visit: