It's no secret that employees are the life-blood of any business. The productivity of your labour hire workers and the outputs they produce, are fundamental to the operations of a business and a major ingredient in achieving success. Without a skilled and cohesive team, the company will most likely fall short of its targets and have less satisfied labour hire workers.
So, how do you ensure that your company's workforce functions like a well-oiled machine? The answer is effective leadership.
Leadership is key, as it provides labour hire workers with a strong sense of direction, synchronises teams, builds morale, and motivates action that leads to results. Effective leadership fosters an environment that encourages employees to do well, which yields positive results that can boost a business' bottom line and create meaningful competitive advantage.

Qualities of An Effective Leader

Excellent Communicators
In order, to get everyone on the same page, leaders must have the ability to clearly communicate the organisation's vision, direction and strategy. Communicating this information succinctly enables employees to understand exactly why their role is integral to the company's success, which helps employees feel valued and gives them a strong sense of purpose. This is vital in motivating and mobilising labour hire workers to come together and work towards the achievement of the shared vision.
Effective communication also entails the provision of regular feedback on employee performance. Yearly reviews are no longer sufficient, as the environments in which companies operate are constantly evolving. Frequent feedback is important as it enables leaders to troubleshoot any issues as they arise, helps improve performance and ensures that employees are still aligned with the company's goals and strategies.

Can Walk The Walk
To motivate employees and get the most out of them, leaders must be able to walk the walk, not just talk the talk. Employees look to leaders to set the tone for the company's culture and the acceptable standard of work. If a leader is unable to rise to the occasion or meet expectations, they will lose the confidence of the employees, which decreases overall morale. If employees sense hypocrisy or double standards from their leaders, it will be an uphill battle trying to convince them to work alongside management and put in their all. This could lead to a significant drop in productivity, increase staff turnover, ingrain a negative company culture, and poor financial results. A good leader should lead by example and openly exhibit positive behaviours and values, as it encourages employees to emulate these actions and proliferate it throughout the company.

Great at Building Teams
Effective leaders understand the strengths and weaknesses of their labour hire workers, and are able to assemble teams with complementary skills. Employees are a business' greatest resource, so it is imperative that leaders are attentive and get to know what each member of their team has to offer. Great leaders have the innate ability to extract the most out of employees by combining their abilities, so that their talents are highlighted and utilised, and any weak points are sufficiently covered by the skills that others are able to bring to the table. Forming and mobilising a cohesive, well-rounded team is important for ensuring high levels of sustained performance, the prompt completion of tasks, and the achievement of goals.

Emotionally Intelligent
Emotional intelligence is an often under-appreciated leadership attribute, however it is crucial for maximising productivity amongst employees. Emotional intelligence relates to the ability of the leader to comprehend and manage their own emotions, as well as the awareness of and sensitivity towards the emotions of others. This is imperative in a business context as  high stress situations often arise, and if leaders have insufficient emotional intelligence to deal with the issue, it can aggravate the situation further, negatively impact relationships with employees, and lead to undesirable outcomes for the business. Leaders who exhibit emotional intelligence and are in tune with the emotional climate amongst employees, are more likely to inspire trust, loyalty, and greater performance.

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