Advancements in technology has lead to our workplaces rapidly evolving into an On Demand workforce.
From the way in which we employ staff to they way in which we get work done, these technologies are helping make work flow processes more efficient and effective.

Previously, the way in which workplaces connected with potential employees would be a long and drawn out process of phone calls, sifting through resumes and sitting through awkward interviews. On Demand platforms now connect businesses directly with its customers and employees in near immediate time.

"Workplace culture is changing significantly and at a very fast pace. Harnessing tomorrows talent is becoming imperative for companies and organisations to move forward".

Tim O’Reilly, founder of O’Reilly Media said “The digital revolution has transformed the world media, upending centuries-old companies and business models. Now, It is restructuring every business, every job, and every sector in society.”.

On Demand platforms like Workfast and Uber are currently connecting businesses and workers in real time. he successful applicants are hired based on a multitude of factors but for the company it is usually based on expertise, location and availability. This can all be done remotely and instantly via web applications. Once a task is assigned and completed payment can be made immediately. Essentially, this new On Demand process of hiring staff is beneficial to the company or organisation as it provides a platform to scale their workforce as needed. For the employee, flexible working hours and being able to choose who you workforce is attractive

Another beneficiary of the introduction of the On Demand workforce is the consumer. One of the most popular and successful On Demand concepts created is Uber - everyone’s personal drive. The entire process of getting from a to b in a car is streamlined into one mobile application. From the ordering, to pickup and payment, the entire transaction is conducted though the application interface. This technology is commonly referred to as disruptive technology and is set to infiltrate every industry in the years to come.