With the hustle and bustle of the Melbourne Cup today, it is clear to see that this particular event has gripped the nation. Aside from the horses, and the glitz and glamour, one major factor contributing to the resounding success of this event is its staff! Finding the perfect events staff for an event will help to ensure that the whole show runs like a well-oiled machine, and all components are seamlessly executed, according to schedule. Navigating the process of picking out the cream of the events crop can be tricky, however, we have a list of handy tips that will help you find your dream team.

1) Define your requirements

When developing the job advertisement for an events role, don't be afraid to be specific. Take your time to craft a description that accurately reflects the company's expectations of the candidate, outlines the responsibilities that the candidate will be expected to take on, any necessary qualifications and work experience for the role, as well as possible behavioural attributes you'll be looking for. These details will help to distill the pool of candidates and leave you with those who are the most suitable for the position.

2) Look beyond paper skills

Since events staff are often perceived to be the 'face' of the organisation, it is crucial that you also look beyond the resumé and examine the 'soft' skills that will be beneficial for the execution of the event. This includes interpersonal skills, time-management skills, communication skills and overall attitude and demeanour. Often, these qualities can't be taught, so finding a candidate that already embodies professionalism, as well as a can-do attitude, will be valuable for the running of a smooth event.

3) Don't neglect interviews

Following on from tip number 2, a great way to gain a multi-dimensional perspective of a potential employee is through an interview. Interviews allow employers to directly engage with candidates, get an assessment of their overall character and accurately determine whether or not they would be an asset to the team.

4) Use a range of avenues to find events staff

Opening up the breadth of your search to a range of platforms and recruitment options will help to increase your chances of finding staff that will be the right fit for your event. This can include, appealing to your existing network for recommendations, using On-Demand hiring systems such as Workfast, and through recruitment agencies.