Mining is one of Australia's largest and most profitable industries, contributing approximately $174 billion to the economy, just in 2014 alone. This huge industry requires a lot of workers to ensure operations run smoothly and directly employs over 200,000 Australians. One type of employment situation prevalent in mining companies, are FIFO mining jobs.
FIFO, which stands for 'Fly In Fly Out', refers to the common hiring practice used by mining companies where they temporarily fly out workers to the work site, just for the duration of their roster. This is done instead of separating workers from their families for extended periods of time, or permanently relocating employees and their families closer to the mine.

FIFO mining jobs present both the employer and the employee with significant benefits.

Benefits for The Employer

A major benefit of adopting a FIFO employment system is that it allows mining companies to access workers that may not have been available, if they were required to uproot their lives, as well as their family's lives, in order to move to a mining town. The flexibility to go back and forth means that these desired workers are more inclined to accept the role and the company will be able to benefit from their skill sets.

Another benefit of hiring employees on a FIFO basis is that it can enhance worker productivity. This is because since FIFO workers are able to go back and forth, as well as enjoy lengthy break periods, employees come back refreshed and ready to get the job done.

**Benefits for The Employee **

One of the most significant benefits FIFO mining jobs is that it provides an excellent opportunity for workers to earn a good wage. In particular, labour work in mines provides an excellent opportunity for workers without extensive experience and formal qualifications, to earn an income. Furthermore, since the mining company often provides significant travel and accommodation allowances, the potential expenses of FIFO workers are significantly reduced and workers are able to save a larger proportion of their income.

Another benefit of FIFO mining jobs is that they provide long work breaks. Even though you may have to work at the mine for set blocks of time, you will also get regular and lengthy breaks. It is common to  receive break periods for the length of two weeks, which no other job is likely to provide.

It is important to keep in mind that most jobs in the mining industry are very physically demanding and often involve long working days. So, before you decide a FIFO mining job is for you, you must be fit and ready to work hard.

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