The key to the successful completion of any labour job is the recruitment of quality and reliable workers. Labourers are the backbone of any project and hiring the right team will ensure that all the work is done efficiently and effectively. For this reason, it is important that employers carefully choose the ways through which they find and hire staff, in order to ensure that the labourers that they recruit will be an asset to the team and help them achieve the desired outcomes.
Here are a few avenues employers can use to find staff for their projects.

1 - Workfast

Workfast is an On Demand recruitment platform that quickly and easily matches jobs with job seekers. Workfast has a rating system for the workers on its database, based off of the experiences that past employers have had with them during a job. This allows employers to immediately gain a first-hand account of the type of worker they will be and if they will be suited to the job, as well as the team. Also, this platform specialises in temp workers, so it's perfect for employers who need last-minute labourers to supplement and support their existing employee base, due to various reasons, such as an increased workload and/or absent staff.

2 - Seek

Seek is another great avenue through which employers can look for labourers. It provides a comprehensive list of all the various labour jobs that are available across Australia. Employers simply upload a job description of the labour to be done and potential candidates apply based on the listing. The key to attracting a quality employee on this site is specifically outlining in the job description what the job entails and the necessary requirements, qualifications and skills, so that it only attracts relevant and appropriate candidates.

3 - Recommendations

Another avenue that an employer might consider, is finding staff through the recommendations of current staff. This provides the employer with immediate access to potential labourers, who are vouched for by workers that employers already trust. This is a cost-effective and time-effective way to identify potential labourers, as there is no lengthy recruitment process and no associated hiring costs. However, employers using this method must still filter these candidates in order to ensure the workers that they hire are of a high standard. This can be done through an interview process.