Some people were made to work for others. They enjoy regular work hours in a supervised workspace where the ultimate responsibility is somewhere above them and they’re free to take chances and evolve within an established format. These people are not freelance workers.
Others won’t even show up for a job like this because they can’t handle the regularity or the thought of being subject to a manager’s whims. However, there are a lot of ambitious people who exist on the spectrum between these two points, where they want to create something for themselves but have a fear that the instability that comes with it may be too much. If that’s you: don’t worry, it’s normal. Now take steps to decide what’s best.

Step one is to understand that working for yourself is a lot more difficult than it looks.

This is not a negative. If you start up your own business, you’re going to need to learn new skills, which is great. You’re going to need to be increasingly resourceful, adaptable and resilient.

There are some other questions that freelance workers may have to answer. Fo example, can you live month after month unsure of when, or how big, your paycheck will be, until your business becomes stable? This is just one reality that you’ll have to think about while you’re enjoying developing your business and creating your own working environment.

It’s a lot to think about and the truth is, while you can start to analyse how suited you are to working for yourself, you won’t know quite know until you take that first step. If you’re still curious but not ready to leap into the dark, it may be worth cutting down your hours at your regular job and freelancing for a while. Whilst freelancing doesn’t necessarily come with the same ups and downs as running your own business, it has a lot in common – you’ll need to drum up your own leads, motivate yourself, and police your invoices more vigilantly than your regular paycheck.

There are many options out there but one thing to never do is to burn your bridges – even if you’re certain you’ll never want your old job back, you never know when your boss or colleagues will pop up elsewhere to form a useful connection for you in future. And when you set to work on your new business, you need to be thinking about your revenue from the beginning.