General labour is a broad term that covers a variety of tasks that often involve 'unskilled' manual work. Some examples include farm hands, warehouse workers, construction labourers, removalists and so on. Sometimes these tasks can take unexpected turns and may require additional last minute workers, to ensure that the job is completed as efficiently and effectively as possible. The adage, 'many hands, make light work' is definitely true for general labour and will allow operations to run smoothly and according to schedule. Having an adequately staffed team is vital.

If being understaffed presents itself as an issue (for example, workers call in sick, are on leave, or the general labour task just simply requires more workers to be completed), employers will need to quickly address this. Understaffing can have detrimental effects on efficiency, as the workload won't be completed in the allotted time, it can increase payroll costs due to the extension, as well as increasing stress levels and negatively impacting the quality of the work that is produced.

In order to find last minute general labourers, we have compiled a short list of avenues employers can use to supplement their workforce:


Workfast is an On Demand recruitment platform that quickly matches employers with quality workers that will help you get the job done. All you have to do is post the job that you need to be filled and all the necessary details relating to it. Workfast specializes in last minute placements and allows employers to hire temporary staff as they need it. So, if you need a worker ASAP Workfast is a great place to start.


Gumtree is also another place where employers can go to find workers on short notice. Similarly to Workfast, you post a description of the labour work you need to be completed and potential workers respond to the ad. However, with Gumtree employers are much more involved with the entire recruitment process, such as filtering potential workers, interviewing them and eventually hiring the labourers.

Recommended Staff

Another avenue that employers could explore, is to simply ask current employees to recommend people they know to help out with the job. This may be a hit or miss as this recruitment method is far more subjective and may be heavily swayed by personal relationships, rather than the worker's ability to do complete the tasks. It is recommended that a vetting process is implemented (for example, a quick interview) so that you can personally determine their adequacy for the role.