Job advertising can be difficult but has to be done. Usually, roles are written up on a daily basis. Most of the ads are hastily put up with little thought going into them. When posting up ads of any sort, in particular, job ads you are bound to be inundated with resumes from all sorts of walks of life. Some resumes may be great and others may be not. There are, however, some ways in which you can you reduce the number of inappropriate resumes. By taking a bit of time to understand your targeted candidate to combine it with the role you are looking to fill, you’d be able to cut out unwanted candidates and be able to hire more efficiently and effectively.

There are many ways in which people can hire. Some managers like to think that widening the scope for candidates allows them to gain a better grasp on what is available in the market. There are lots of managers that think like this, “it’s really important to see what's out there before we settle on one person”. This is one option in searching for candidates but it does require a lot of time from both yourself, other work colleagues and the potential candidates.

A better way to go about posting a job is to start small. Figure out what it is that you’re exactly looking for. From here you can make the opportunity known to the specific groups of people who you know are qualified or might know others are. One of the most productive places to start is internal with your own colleagues and then with customers and anyone that comes in contact with your organisation. The benefit of this is that most of these people will know the business or have an understanding of how your business is run. In addition to this, you can also incentivise the process by paying out a bonus or rewarding someone financially who successfully helps you place a job for a certain amount of time.

Job Advertising Checklist

- Identify Audience

  • Research Relevant Job Titles

  • Positive Company Introduction

  • Clear, Concise Role Description

  • Specific Requirements List

  • Company Benefits

  • Hiring Process

  • Company Background

Technology has made the process of finding candidates easier. It hasn't however replaced the process of meeting and greeting someone on face value. Networking events are still prominent and can be very useful in finding new candidates. There are many places that cater to networking events some of these include: employment expos, conferences, employment fairs and work meet-ups. Both recruiters and active job seekers attend these events. It’s a great way to get the word out.

Finding the right candidate is a combination of art and science. Most employers will use multiple techniques to find the best and most suited candidate. Do you have any other suggestions?