With the 'silly season' well on its way, it is inevitable that the hospitality industry will feel the strain. The Christmas period is one of the busiest times for businesses within this field, as a range of  events (e.g. office Christmas parties) are usually planned and executed during this time. Also, with annual leave often being taken during this period, there is a significant increase in demand that needs to be planned for appropriately. Without proper planning, businesses within the hospitality industry may find it difficult to provide quality service to its customers and clients. Since the success of events relies heavily on customer service, the negative word of mouth that may potentially result from being ill-equipped to manage the rush can be detrimental to the reputation of hospitality businesses. Hiring casual events staff is one of the best methods to survive the rush associated with the Christmas period.

Often, the permanent staff that is already available to hospitality businesses will be insufficient to deal with the exponential growth in demand. Hiring casual events staff to supplement your current workforce will provide the additional man hours that are necessary to ensure that all tasks are completed efficiently and effectively, and that the event is a success. Bumping up the number of employees that are on-hand will help to make sure that productivity is high. In addition to this, hiring casual events staff helps to ease the burden on each individual worker, as it spreads responsibilities a little more evenly.

Hiring casual staff is also beneficial for employers because there is no obligation to keep casual events staff on a more permanent basis. Once the peak period is over and the demand starts to return to normal, hospitality businesses can reduce the number of hours available and go back to their original employee base. This allows hospitality businesses to be flexible and easily adapt to the fluctuations in demand throughout the year. Furthermore, this dynamism allows hospitality and events businesses  to reduce costs, as workers are only hired as they are needed, and employers are not required to pay them sick leave and annual leave.

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