With 2.2 million temporary staff in Australia, the landscape of the workforce has seen a shift towards increased casualisation. The rise of this trend has been attributed to the unpredictability of the economy and the changing of cultural mindsets towards work. This is particularly true for warehouse and retail related businesses, as they frequently experience fluctuations in demand due to the nature of their industries. Hiring casual staff is a great way for businesses to remain flexible and safeguard against the risk associated with unpredictable periods.

Hiring Casual Staff: Benefits for The Employer

Supplementing your permanent staff with casual employees has several advantages for businesses. The first advantage is that casual staff can be called on to support your operations in times of peak demand or a shortage of permanent staff. Casual workers can come in and complete the task, with no obligation to keep them for slower periods. The ad hoc needs of the business can be effectively taken care of by tapping into a resource of casual workers.

Another advantage of hiring casuals is that there are no benefit liabilities. Casual workers do not need to be paid entitlements and may be cheaper for sporadic tasks.

Hiring Casual Staff: Benefits for The Employee

Although casual employment does not guarantee permanency, casual employment also provides benefits to the employee. Casual work allows individuals to fit work around their lifestyles. This is particularly beneficial for students or older people, who may have other commitments and require a work-life balance.

Casual employees also benefit from the higher hourly rate, compared to those of permanent staff. This compensates them for the lack of paid holiday entitlements and sick leave.

Where can I find Casuals?

The following are some methods which you can use to source casual employees:


Workfast (as the name suggests) is an On Demand platform that connects employers with potential employees in a fast, easy and secure way. Also, the rating system on the website enables employers to quickly determine whether or not an individual will be suitable for the position, and conduct themselves in a professional manner. Workfast allows employers to scrap the usual red-tape of the hiring process and immediately find employees as they need them.

Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment agencies are a great way to connect job searchers with job openings. This allows businesses to outsource the often lengthy processes associated with hiring workers. However, using a recruitment agency is a more formal process than the others suggested and attracts a fee.


Referrals from Current Employees

Another way to find temporary staff is through recommendations from your current workers. This is a quick way to quickly identify potential employees for any job openings you may have. However, employers must be wary of hiring workers through recommendations, as the suggested employees may not have the necessary skills or experience required, and their relationship may affect the work culture. Processes may need to be put in place to ensure that this does not occur.