Hiring employees is one of the most crucial activities that a business conducts. Employees are the backbone of any company and if the wrong candidate is hired, it can have significant repercussions for the company's reputation, culture and bottom line. That is why it is of the utmost importance that your recruitment process will allow you to sift through potential candidates and discover the best talent. Here are some of our top hiring tips to improve your recruitment strategy and find your next superstar employee.

Hiring Tips:

1) Improve your job descriptions

How a job description is written can have a significant impact on the size and quality of the talent pool for the role. Having a good job description will help attract the best candidate/s directly to you. While, a bad job description can drive them away. It is important that your job descriptions aren't just focused on the business' expectations of the candidate, the requirements for the role and the necessary qualifications. Job descriptions should also emphasize what the company can do for the candidate, such as career development and growth. An experiment conducted by business academics (cited in a Wall Street Journal article), found that 'candidate-centred ads', were far more successful at drawing larger volumes of applicants with greater talent levels. Approaching job descriptions from the applicant's perspective is far more appealing and will effectively enhance your chances in finding 'the one'.

2) Use Social Media

Social media can be used in two ways to improve the hiring process. First, social media sites can be leveraged to promote and spread the role being offered, as well as bolstering the company itself. A great digital presence can enhance awareness of, and attractiveness to the role, and their perceptions of working in the business. Secondly, company's can use social media to check the online profiles and digital presences of prospective employees. Running a quick social media background check can give employers an idea of what the candidate is like as a person, and can even be used to see examples of their skills. For example, a candidate may run a successful blog, which can show aptitude in written communication, design, etc. Incorporating social media into your recruitment strategy is a good way to build an appealing company image, identify potential employees and discover additional skills that the candidate may have to offer.

3) Improve your Interview Approach

To gain a clearer idea of what a candidate can offer, the interview process should be modified to address more aspects than just their technical competency. Asking the right questions and allowing for genuine two-way conversation with the prospective employee, can reveal vital insights about them. Asking interesting questions and incorporating other elements, such as hypotheticals and role plays, will allow you to see their ability to think on their feet and deal with curveballs. Furthermore, opening up the floor to the prospective employee to ask you questions, will provide you with an idea of what's important to them, their attitudes, motivations, and passion for the position. Taking a less traditional approach to interviews will give you the chance to test prospective employees and gain an idea of the person behind the qualifications.

4) Check References

This step is sometimes overlooked, however checking a potential candidate's references is a must. Checking references provide you with a first-hand account of what a candidate is like, how they work with others, and how they perform in an actual job setting. This provides employers with a more multi-dimensional and rounded view of the potential employee, that isn't just their technical abilities. Checking references provide invaluable insight into a potential candidate's work ethic, and ability to integrate and add to the company culture.