Great employees are the magic ingredient in any business' success. Quality workers are incredibly valuable assets and bring a variety of benefits to the company.
A strong base of hardworking and talented workers, can lead to increased productivity and quality of work, good company morale, reduced absenteeism and staff turnover, and improvements to the company's bottomline.
However, with such strong demand for high calibre workers across all industries, finding/attracting these talented individuals, and successfully recruiting them can be difficult.
Companies usually snap up the top notch employees that they find and endeavour to keep them for the long-term.
To seek out and hire your own fleet of super employees, you must know where to look and have a sound understanding of what they're looking for in an employer.

Here are 4 ways you can find, attract and recruit the right talent for your company:

1) Define & Differentiate Your Job Description
To attract top talent, the job description you create must be clear and positioned in a way that sets you apart from the competition. Being specific with your job description can help weed out candidates that won't be suitable for the role and who are simply applying for any position that is somewhat relevant. The clearer you are with what the role entails and what your expectations are of the candidate, the higher your chance will be of attracting the ideal person to carry out the duties outlined.
Also, in a highly competitive job market, it is important to position the available role and the company differently from other job offerings. Good workers know their worth, so to get them onboard you will need to find an angle that makes you unique and provides the best value. For example, you could include a section that gives the candidate an idea of the future trajectory their career could take if they were to be hired for the role, or any unique benefits/perks that the position offers. This helps to sweeten the deal and make your available position more appealing than the others.
The best way to do this is to compare your job description with similar job offerings in the market, and use that as inspiration to come up with something more interesting.

2) Build A Strong Employer Brand & Company Culture
This is a long-term strategy that isn't strictly related to recruitment, however it can be an extremely effective in attracting top tier candidates directly to you, instead of scrambling to find them. Building and developing a positive company culture and possessing a well-respected employer brand will speak volumes for itself and make your company a sought out place to work, even if there are no positions currently being advertised. Having a strong employer brand will help give your company an edge over other businesses, and increase the appeal of your available role when they consider applying for a new position.

3) Allow Employee Referrals
Employee referrals are extremely effective in bringing in quality workers that match the position to a tee, and who are more likely to stay with the company in the long-term. This is the case because your existing employees will have intimate knowledge of the company and the position being offered, enabling them to match the role with a person that will not only do the job well, but also be a good cultural fit. Employee referral programs are effective because the employee that has made the referral has already done some of the vetting on your behalf.
Also, since an exisiting worker of yours is recommending a potential employee, they will usually be of a high calibre as they are putting their own reputation on the line to vouch for them. This is because a bad recommendation can reflect poorly on them and may negatively affect their own standing in the company. In addition to this, a referral can have a motivating effect on the party that has been referred, as someone else believes in their abilities and has backed them.
So, trust your employees and let them help you find your next star worker. Not only will it save time and money on the recruitment process, but also help you build a more engaged workforce.

4) Use A Labour Hire Agency
A Labour Hire Agency can be a great avenue to explore when looking for quality employees. This is because labour hire agencies are the experts when it comes to recruitment, and are often able to find your ideal candidate quickly and easily. Labour hire agencies have access to a large pool of workers who possess a variety of skills, experiences, and qualifications, which allows them to connect you with a worker that will be able to successfully fill the position. The use of a labour hire agency is especially beneficial if you are searching for very specialised skills. This is because their whole business hinges on the ability to match you with an ideal worker, so all their resources and efforts will be directed into finding them. Rather than your company diverting time and money away from core business functions and spending it on recruitment.

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