You know the situation. You’ve been in a job for years and had job security but now you’re looking for work again and don’t know where to start. You’re a mature worker and about to head into an interview at a new organisation - maybe it’s been almost a decade? You want yourself to come across as hard-working, street-wise and  one that’s not-set-in-their-ways type - someone who is half your age? Take on the interview tip and make sure you're 100 per cent more desirable.

Don’t stress, you’re not alone! Many job seekers of all ages get discouraged by this situation.

The best way to avoid sabotaging your own chances is to present yourself has optimistic and confident. An employer who is energetic, a constant learner and an experienced worker who isn't afraid to keep up with technology and communicate effectively - across all age groups. Take yourself out of your comfort zone and be prepared for the interview.

Interview Tip 1: Positivity is King

For a lot of organisations having that “can-do” attitude is a maker or breaker. Get past your fear and ego and you will do well. It is essential to overcome anxiety and the only way to do this is through knowledge. The most important ingredient to success in an interview to feel good about yourself and you can achieve this by having a good understanding of what the position requires and what you can offer. Start speaking and getting advice from trusted friends and people you look up to.

Interview Tip 2: Knowledge of the Company and Culture

Knowing the organisation inside out is essential adding value to your interview. If you do have an ego then use that energy and focus on how your experience and knowledge can add maximum value to the company you're applying for. One thing that needs to be stressed is to do your homework on the company that you’re applying for.

Interview Tip 3: Be Ready for the Interview

The modern day interviewer has become a lot smarter and tougher. Managers are trained to sift through resumes and interviews to find the perfect candidate. It is highly recommended to be prepared for possible interview situations. Ask the employer about the interview before you go in. Questions you should ask can include - who the interviewer will be? will it be a group interview? Do I need to bring anything?

Interview Tip 4: Confidence is attractive

Sometimes when you go into an interview where the interviewer is significantly younger, try not be on the defensive and get unnerved. Try and set a common ground with the interviewer. Do this by identifying professional challenges that you both may have experienced in your roles.

Interview Tip 5: Adapt to different styles of speak

Having that deep understanding of the industry that you are applying for means that you are able to “speak the language”.  This could be in terms of using industry lingo to getting right down to the technical terms used. Display your knowledge through your words of experience.

Another way to keep up to date is to read trade publications, get online and youtube some seminars ask your friends to interview you and ask questions about the industry.

Interview Tip 6: Making sure you look the part.

Make sure you check over everything before you head out the door. Here are a few things you need to check over: hair, grooming, interview clothes, posture, handshake and smile.

Follow these steps to reduce your stress. And remember, preparation is key to having confidence that will translate to your interview.