In a rapidly evolving world, there has been a movement towards more agile business models and processes to help companies keep up-to-date. One way that companies are staying flexible and adapting to fluctuating markets, is using labour hire to source temporary workers. Labour Hire is fast becoming the go-to recruitment solution for many businesses in a range of industries, such as construction, manufacturing, mining, and hospitality. Using temporary workers instead of on-boarding full-time employees has many benefits for businesses, due to the flexibility it affords.

Here are some reasons why businesses are turning to labour hire for their recruitment needs.

1)  Cope with Fluctuating Demand
Businesses are in constant flux. They experience both periods of increased and slowed demand. With labour hire, you can supplement your existing workforce with temporary staff to help deal with the additional workload and keep your business competitive. Labour hire is also beneficial for when there are troughs in demand, as it allows you to scale back your workforce. This is because with labour hire there is no obligation to keep temporary workers.

2) Reduce Costs
Another benefit of using labour hire, is that it allows employers to reduce costs associated with the hiring process. Labour hire slashes the number of steps involved with hiring, allowing employers to save money on advertising for the position, the recruitment process, and training the worker. Also, since the temporary worker is actually the employee of the labour hire agency, they are responsible for all the expenses associated with hiring them, such as payroll tax, worker's compensation, superannuation, and insurance.

3)Find People with Specialised Skills
With labour hire you can quickly find temporary workers with the right skills, knowledge, qualifications and experience needed to do the job. Labour hire agencies have access to an extensive database of workers so they can quickly and easily connect you with the best candidate(s) possible. If they don't immediately have a good candidate on-hand, labour hire agencies are experts in recruitment, so they'll be able to find you a worker that matches your criteria for  the role.

4) Save Time
The hiring process can be long and arduous, due to the many steps involved. The job needs to be advertised, then applications need to be sifted through and narrowed down, interviews need to be conducted, then once the candidate(s) have been chosen, they will need to be inducted and trained. Employing a worker is a huge investment of time and effort, and may not be worth it especially if you are only looking for a short-term employee. Outsourcing the recruitment process to a labour hire agency is beneficial as you will be directly connected with a temporary worker, without all the fuss.

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