The nature of employment has evolved and changed notably over time. Previously, people would be employed in only a few workplaces during their lives, spending significant lengths of time at a particular job. However, now employees are looking for more variety in their work life, with multiple career changes being a common occurrence. One key change in the employment industry is the growing prominence of labour hire companies. Labour hire companies specialise in providing temporary staff to employers that require additional help to complete particular tasks, need an absence to be filled, and so on.
Labour hire has been increasingly used by employers as an alternative to the more traditional employee contract. According to the Entrepreneur, flexibility and adaptability are fast becoming a priority for both employee and employer when it comes to work.

Here are some reasons why using a Labour Hire agency is beneficial

1 - Stress-free Way To Hire

When you use a labour hire agency, you effectively outsource the entire recruitment process and directly receive a worker. This minimises the financial and time costs associated with taking on a new employee, such as advertising for the role, reviewing applications, interviewing, providing training, etc. Using a labour hire agency also frees you up from having to deal with payroll maintenance, including tax and superannuation. To find our more from Business Know How click here.

2 - Tap Into a Large Skill Pool

A significant benefit of utilising a labour hire agency is that they have access to a large database of people with varying skills. This means that they will be able to match the position you need to be filled, with the right candidate for the job. The size of the talent pool that labour hire agencies have available to them, also means that they are also able to fill position relatively quickly. Find out what you need to be looking for when tapping into your skilled pool click here.

3 - Workers When You Need Them

With labour hire, you are able to scale your workforce up or down depending on the type of demand that your business is experiencing. This also helps to reduce costs, as you won't have an overly-inflated employee base during slower periods, and maximise efficiency with a few extra hands during busier times. So, with labour hire, if you need a worker pronto they will be able to help you out. To find out more about scaling your workforce read this article in The Australian.

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