Once you’ve completed a temporary job, it can be a stressful and uncertain time as you begin your search for more work. The anxiety associated with this process can be overwhelming and can lead to reduced morale and self-esteem. However, all hope is not lost. Determination, persistence and hard work are key ingredients in improving the likelihood of you gaining employment sooner.

In order to help minimise the time experienced between jobs, consider the following tips:

Explore Various Channels For Your Job Search

Expand your job search and consider more avenues where potential positions could be advertised or made available. Don’t just limit yourself to job listing sites, such as Indeed or Seek. Look to less common channels for job listings, such as social media, newspapers, physical print outs and signage, company websites, and so on. Another often overlooked job search channel is making use of your network. This can include family, friends, old co-workers and employers, that you have kept in contact with. Ask your peers if they know of any job vacancies suited for your skills and experience. A recommendation from a trusted individual could potentially give your application a boost amongst the other applicants.
Casting a wider net when looking for a job will help open you up to more opportunities and potentially increase your chances of landing a position.

Spruce Up Your Resume & Cover Letter

Resumes and cover letters are fundamental elements to any job application. To help improve your attractiveness to a potential employer, it is important that you go through these documents with a fine-toothed comb and make sure that they paint you in the best light possible. Ensure that your resume is a concise document that highlights the most relevant skills, experience, and qualifications. While your cover letter is a tailored piece of writing that outlines why you specifically are right for the role. A succinct and well-polished resume and cover letter will help bolster your chances of securing work.

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Consult A Careers Coach

A career coach can be an important tool to help you strategise your career progression and successfully achieve it. They’re professionals in employment and all things job-related, so they can provide you with invaluable advice and guidance that will help get you on the right trajectory towards a meaningful career. A career coach can assist you in understanding exactly what it is you want/need in a job, help you reach your career objectives and get you to where you want to be.

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