As we hurtle towards the end of the year, the Christmas season is coming closer and closer. Christmas is one of the busiest times for retailers, with consumers rushing to the stores to buy their loved ones gifts.
During the Christmas period, retailers often experience a surge in footfall and spending, that can significantly boost their revenue and subsequent profitability.
Even though the retail industry has been experiencing a slump as of late, with a drop of 0.6% in sales during August of this year. On average, retailers still experience relatively more fruitful times during the Christmas season. The Christmas season is one of the key periods for retailers to improve their financial situation, compensate for slower periods during the year, and keep their shareholders and other relevant stakeholders happy.

In order to cope with the increased business that the silly season brings, some retailers are beginning to hire additional staff now. They often initiate the hiring process of Christmas casuals in advance, so that they are able to train these new employees and ensure that they are well-equipped to cope with the additional pressures of the Christmas season. It can be an incredibly hectic and overwhelming time with so many people doing their shopping simultaneously, so employees need to be on the ball and ready to go once the rush officially begins. Also, with the extended hours that are implemented during the Christmas period, existing employees may be unable to work during these times. Christmas casuals may need to be added to the team, in order to ensure smooth operations with adequate man hours.


For job seekers looking to get a retail gig over the Christmas period, the key is to start looking for positions ASAP. Some retailers begin their search for Christmas casuals as early as September and October. The hiring process typically continues into early November, just before the Christmas rush goes into full swing. This allows them to get everything sorted early and ensure that their workforce is up to scratch when the crowds start to pile in.

Where To Find Christmas Casual Jobs:

Since Christmas casuals are in such high demand towards the end of the year, positions are usually advertised through a wide variety of channels. This is done, so that retailers can capture a wider volume of applicants and fill their available positions for Christmas casuals as quickly as possible.

Christmas casual retail positions can be found through the following channels:

Job Boards
Job boards, such as Seek and Indeed, are some of the most common ways that retailers make their Christmas casual positions known. Online job boards are usually teeming with advertisements for Christmas casual vacancies towards the end of the year. This is because job boards tend to be the first place that potential employees look once they begin their Christmas casual job search. However, since these online job boards are such a popular channel to advertise Christmas casual vacancies, competition can be intense.

Social Media
As social media becomes more and more integrated into company practice, retailers are increasingly turning to social media sites to advertise Christmas casual vacancies and source their employees. Since most people are signed up to at least one form of social media, it is a great platform for visibility and to reach a large pool of people. Also, since the primary users of social media tend to skew towards younger generations, social media is a useful tool for finding Christmas casuals, as those attracted to these positions also tend to be younger.

Company Websites
It's also worthwhile to look directly on the official company website of the store that you wish to apply for. It is also important to note that some retailers belong to parent companies, so do a little bit of research to find this out, as the Christmas casual vacancies might be posted on a dedicated jobs page on the parent company's website. For example, Typo belongs to the Cotton On Group, and on Cotton On Group's website they dedicate an entire section on Christmas casual vacancies. This portal is often one of the first places that employers will source candidates from, as it is an internal site and easily accessible.


Here are two key benefits of having Christmas casuals on your team:

1) Cope With The Christmas Season Rush
Once the Christmas Season sets in, you'll need all hands on deck to manage day-to-day operations and ensure that consumer interactions and transactions are handled as effectively and efficiently as possible. A lot of businesses find that their team of current employees may not be enough to cope, due to the sheer traffic, the popularity of annual leave during this time, general absences, and so on. Hiring Christmas casuals is a great way to supplement your team and fill the necessary hours, without the commitment of keeping them once the rush has died down.

2) Find Star Employees
Since Christmas Casuals often go through the gauntlet during the silly season, it is usually easy to tell who will be an asset to the team, if offered to continue with the company. Initially hiring a worker as a Christmas casual, is a good way to test how they cope with pressure and their work ethic, before committing to giving a Christmas casual a more permanent position.

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