Construction sites are everywhere. Most major Australian CBDs, like Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, are currently blanketed with new developments. The main types of projects that have spurred this explosion in construction, are residential and infrastructure work. Greater investments have been siphoned into these categories of construction, in order to help future-proof  Australia and cope with its rapidly growing population.
The influx of these projects have significantly increased the demand for skilled construction workers, and has highlighted a current shortage in certain skilled positions. Some of the most in demand positions include, construction managers, plumbers, glaziers, concreters, stonemasons, and bricklayers.
One of the main reasons behind this shortage is the growing discrepancy between the rate of apprenticeships and those being trained to take on these skilled positions, and the rate of retirement or those simply vacating these roles. Essentially, there are less people with the required skills entering the construction job market, than those leaving it.

This trend is expected to continue with a growing number of young people opting for university, rather than taking up a trade. Currently, only 2.7 per cent of the workforce is made up of apprentices and trainees, which is the lowest it has been over the past ten years.  However, the growing job opportunities available in construction, as well as the government initiatives aimed at improving perceptions surrounding TAFE and other training providers, may encourage more young people to consider taking up a trade as a viable career option. Although, the results of these initiatives won't be felt til much further down the track, and doesn't address the current shortage.

The shortage in skilled construction workers is more pronounced in states like New South Wales and Victoria, where construction projects are booming. This is because the current supply cannot keep up with the heightened demand. In states like Western Australia, where construction investment is actually winding down and less jobs are available, there is actually an over-supply of construction workers and more intense competition for the jobs. The availability of construction work often fluctuates frequently, so even though there may not be work in these certain areas right now, this may change in the near future.

**Growing Use of Labour Hire Agencies **

This increased demand for skilled construction workers, coupled with the shortage of skilled construction workers, has led to many construction companies turning to labour hire to source potential employees with the relevant qualifications. Labour hire is becoming an increasingly popular choice, since they specialise in employment and often have access to a large database of employees with a range of skill sets and qualifications. This means that they are often quite effective and efficient at filling vacant positions, with a worker that best matches the job description. Also, if they don't currently have someone on the books that is capable of doing the job, they can search for one on your behalf. Using their employment expertise, labour hire companies can effectively pool and vet applicants, until they find the most suitable candidate. Labour hire companies are a rich source of qualified workers, and help to simplify the recruitment process for their clients.

The hiring process can be quite an expensive and time-consuming process, which means that a job could potentially remain vacant for quite some time. This can have negative run-off effects on the construction project, such as delayed completion, and increased costs. To prevent this, more and more construction companies are opting to use labour hire companies for their recruitment needs. Outsourcing the hiring process means that construction companies can save valuable time and money, since they take care of all the hard work for you. In exchange for a fee, you won't have to worry about all the administration associated with taking on a worker, such as payroll tax, insurance, and superannuation. Receive a qualified worker straight to your site, without any of the fuss.

Although, the construction industry is currently experiencing a shortage in skilled construction workers, labour hire companies are helping to bridge the gap by sourcing and supplying hard-to-find workers. Also, initiatives such as government programs to improve the attractiveness of TAFE and trade jobs, as well as the fruitfulness of the construction industry, may help to increase the number of skilled construction workers in the long term.

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