Job vacancies have the potential to attract hundreds, or even thousands, of applicants. This sea of applicants present hiring managers with a significant challenge: how do you figure out who will be the ideal candidate for the role?
Choosing the right person is very important, as on-boarding an employee is a considerable investment of time and resources. Hiring a candidate that's just going to get up and leave in a few months, costs businesses money that has been spent on their acquisition and training, and can have a real impact on productivity. The hiring process can be a tricky minefield to navigate. However, if you're able to successfully identify a quality worker, the potential benefits that they'll bring will most likely outweigh the associated costs.

So, how exactly do you sift through all these candidates and find the shining star in the pile? Here are a few of Workfast Labour Hire's top tips on how to attract and spot a quality worker:

1) Refine The Job Description
One of the best ways to initially attract a high-quality group of candidates, is to refine the job description as much as possible. This will allow you to clearly articulate exactly what you're looking for, and help to naturally weed out candidates that don't match your criteria.

3) Stable Career History
Resumes are rich in information regarding the applicant's professional lives, and can reveal interesting insights. One classic sign is the average duration that they have stayed in various roles. If the career history in their resume indicates that they frequently jump from job to job, it may be a risky decision to hire them, as it may not be long before they're on their way out.

2) Evidence of Progression & Achievements
Another sign to look out for in a candidate's application, is any evidence that they have progressed and made significant achievements in their previous roles. For example, they successfully brought on a major client, they received a promotion after a short amount of time, or they were entrusted with a significant leadership position. This shows that they are high-performing individuals and will also probably deliver exceptional results for your company, if they get hired.

4) They've Gone Above & Beyond
A candidate that has gone above and beyond the requirements or expectations, is a sure fire sign that that they'll be an asset to the team. For example, they may have taken the time to research the hiring manager and/or company and asked intelligent questions during the interview, they may have called ahead to introduce themselves and get more information regarding the position, or they may have presented a strategy to improve productivity. Going above and beyond highlights proactivity, drive, and ambition, which are all highly desirable traits in a potential employee.

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