Employment patterns are changing.  There have been significant shifts away from the traditional structure of a 9 to 5 role and towards more fluid working conditions. Work culture is now more dynamic, as the needs and expectations of both worker and employer change. Here are some of the top trends in employment for 2017:

Labour Hire
Labour hire has grown increasingly popular in Australia. Labour hire involves the outsourcing of a company's recruitment process to a labour hire agency. This has become an attractive option for employers, particularly in the construction, mining and hospitality industries, as it provides the freedom to scale your workforce according to changing demand, it can effectively reduce the time and costs associated with lengthy hiring processes, and quickly and easily connect businesses with the right worker for the job.

Rigid work schedules are out, and flexible work options are in. Increasingly, workers are seeking more flexibility in the hours they work, where they work, their work patterns, and rostering. Flexible work conditions are attractive to employees, as it allows them to achieve greater work-life balance and gives them more control over their professional life. Employers also benefit from the provision of flexible working conditions, as it helps to increase morale and promote greater productivity. Flexibility is also beneficial for employers, as it helps to reduce tardiness and absenteeism since employees are given some freedom to work on their own terms.

More and more people are looking to side jobs to supplement their main source of income. Businesses like Uber, Lyft, and Foodora, allow people to be their own boss and earn a little extra money when they want to. Also, having multiple jobs and taking on side gigs is becoming a more common phenomenon, as it provides people with the freedom to pursue their interests and hobbies, alongside a traditional career. For example, being a freelance designer during their downtime or setting up an Etsy store.

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