If you've ever had an office job, or currently have one, you'll understand the struggle. Typically, after lunch time, once you've gobbled up your meal and the coffee starts to wear off, that's when the fatigue starts to set in. Productivity begins to plummet and all you can think about is the comfort of your own bed (even though that's still several hours away). This lowered productivity is not good for your workload or the company overall, and steps must be taken to combat it.
Here are some simple fatigue-fighting tactics that you can implement to help you stay productive for longer and keep you from becoming an office vegetable.

1 - Don't Skip Breakfast
It may seem a little cliche, but breakfast is indeed the most important meal of the day. Breakfast, especially a nutritious one, gets you off to a good start and will help provide you with energy to sustain you for a good portion of the day. Also, by eating breakfast it prevents you from becoming extremely ravenous come lunch time and indulging in junk food that may cause you to crash even harder.

2 - Walk Around & Do Desk Exercises
Another easy way to kick fatigue to the curb is to walk around and/or do some exercise intermittently throughout the day. This will help to keep your blood flowing around your body and to your brain, and stop you from slipping into a coma at your desk. You can do quick exercises like squats and lunges to give you a break from 8 hours of sitting down.

3 - Stay Away From Extremely Heavy Meals
Once lunch time rolls around, refrain from eating a heavy meal. Heavy meals have a tendency to bog you down and zap you of your energy for hours. This is because your body needs the time to digest the food, leaving you feeling lethargic. Opt for a healthy meal full of slow-burning foods (like whole grain pasta, beans, sweet potato, etc.), that will satisfy your hunger without making you overly bloated.

4 - Switch Between Tasks
Another way to help you stay alert and focused is to switch up your tasks once you start to feel like your eyes are glazing over. Focusing on a singular task for too long can become boring and cause your mind to wander. By switching between tasks, it helps to keep your brain engaged and stimulated, as you are presenting it with variation. Plus, you may even be able to kill multiple birds with one stone.

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