General labourers perform a broad range of tasks that involve physical or manual work. Often they are not specialised in a certain area, making them flexible and able to apply their skills to a broader scope of jobs. General labourers usually work in outdoor spaces on construction and building sites. General labourers are also able to be hired on farms as farm hands, warehouse workers, removalists and so on. General labourers can provide a valuable helping hand to ensure that the project/job gets done as efficiently and effectively as possible. General labourers, particularly temp workers, can benefit your business by supplementing your current staff and easing the burden of the workload.

So, if you're an employer looking for general labourers to help you out, here are some avenues you should consider.

1 - Workfast

Workfast is an OnDemand recruitment platform that quickly and easily connects employers with general labourers, wherever and whenever they need them. Workfast can provide general labourers all across Australia, including all major cities (Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Darwin, Hobart, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth), as well as more regional/rural areas. Workfast has an effective vetting/screeing process in place to help ensure that you are only connected with high quality general labourers that possess the necessary skills and fulfill your requirements. For example, if you require a general labourer for work on a construction site, Workfast will ensure they possess a White Card and the required PPE. Workfast can help minimise the costs and stress associated with the hiring process

2 - Gumtree

Gumtree is a local classified ads and community site, where people are able to post jobs, freebies and items they wish to sell. On this website, you can post a job description of the general labourer role you need to fill, along with the skills, attributes and requirements that are necessary to successfully get the position. A thorough and well-thought out job description will help you to attract only the most suitable workers and help minimise the pool of candidates vying for the position.

3 - Recommendations from Current Staff

Another way to quickly acquire general labourers for your project/job is to consult your current staff and see if they know anyone that matches your requirements and will be able to fulfill the role. Staff recommendations can be an effective way to find last-minute general labourers that are vouched for by trusted workers. However, it is also important that you implement a screening process, such as an interview, to ensure that the recommended workers are suitable for the position.