Labouring encompasses a wide range of occupations that often involve manual work and requires a certain set of skills to be completed. In terms of concreting, concreters deal with all things related to concrete. This means that they make the concrete, lay it out, compact it and complete concrete work for various projects. Concreters are often hired to work on construction, building and landscaping sites. However, their skills can be applied to any project, big or small, that requires concrete. Concreters don't need any formal qualifications to start working, but previous experience, especially through an apprenticeship, would be very beneficial. A requirement that is necessary though, is that they must possess a valid 'white card'. It is mandatory for all workers present on a construction site to have a 'white card', as it acts as proof that they have completed the OH&S General Construction Induction training course.

Here are some avenues you can use to source a concreter for your project:


As the name suggests, Workfast is an On Demand recruitment platform that specialises in sourcing last minute temp workers for the tasks that you need to get done. As an employer, all you have to do is post up the concreting job that you need to be completed, including any specific requirements you may have, and then Workfast will send you a quality temp worker that matches what you're looking for. Workfast removes the stress and guess work from hiring.

Yellow Pages

Much like the old school Yellow Pages that got delivered to your door, the Yellow Pages website provides you with a directory of the various concreting businesses that are available to hire in the area. The Yellow Pages website allows you to request a quote online, so you can do it from wherever you are.

Find A Concreter

If you live in Melbourne, then Find A Concreter might be the perfect place for you to start. Much like Workfast, Find A Concreter matches you with a worker that is right for the job. Allowing the recruitment process to be simple and hassle-free.