Flexible work is the future. It seems that the days of traditional work structures are dwindling. There has been a notable shift away from the rigidity of a 9 to 5, and towards more flexible working arrangements. It is now becoming commonplace in a number of workplaces for the hours that are worked, the patterns of work (i.e. job-sharing), and where employees work, to be variable.
Flexibility permits employees to achieve a greater work-life balance, as they are able to make time for studies, other obligations and responsibilities, hobbies, etc. For example, an employee may want to start earlier, so they can finish in time to pick up their child from school.
The ability to make work better suit their individual needs, has meant that flexibility is fast becoming a significant deciding factor for workers when choosing a company to work for.

The shift towards more flexible workplaces has also significantly benefitted the employers that have implemented it. Workplaces that allow for more flexibility have experienced improvements in the quality of the talent they attract, increased productivity, as well as greater morale and loyalty to the company. Work flexibility makes for happier employees, as they feel as though they have greater autonomy in their job and better able to make work fit around their life, rather than the other way around.

Workplaces that have adopted more flexible work practices have also seen improvements to their bottomline. Thanks to the increased motivation and subsequent improvement in productivity from satisfied workers, a number of companies have reported an increase in their profits following the implementation of flexible work conditions.

Labour Hire Thriving In a Flexible World
Since labour hire tends to deal with the placement of short-term positions, the movement towards more flexible work across a range of sectors, has been very beneficial for the labour hire industry.
With more workers looking for flexible job opportunities, and more employers making more temporary work available, labour hire agencies are experiencing heightened demand. Labour hire has become a haven for those looking for flexible job opportunities that are best-suited to their needs and lifestyle. This is because labour hire agencies specialise in matching the right workers with the right workplaces.
With the trend of flexible work not expected to  fade anytime soon, labour hire will continue to go from strength to strength.

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